About Innoverto

About Innoverto

Derived from the Latin words Innovatio and Verto (meaning innovation and change or new direction), Innoverto is here to deliver an “innovative change” to the way businesses develop their human capital and improve the way they do business in the Middle East.

Through an impressive and carefully selected range of training courses, access to high profile speakers and event management options, Innoverto offers complete and comprehensive turn-key solutions to support your business and the development of your personnel.

As a boutique business, Innoverto prides itself on the attention to detail and impeccable delivery, which has ensured a loyal partner and client base. This has been achieved through building relationships with like-minded individuals who are looking to create unique experiences that exceed expectations without blowing the budget or compromising on quality.

How are we different from all other training and event companies?

Innoverto specializes in bringing international proven best practices to the region, with the aim of delivering significant improvements to the results companies care about most. With products and services based on programmes offered by the world’s leading training companies, we continue to  help small, medium and large organisations across the Middle East & Africa,  realise quick, and measurable results through optimising the skills and knowledge of their biggest asset: their people.

At Innoverto your business is our business

We do not view you just as clients; we work with you as partners. Our goals are achieved when your objectives are met through the services we provide you. We consider ourselves an extension of your business working towards the objectives you have set. Furthermore, at Innoverto everything is customised. From the training courses we offer, to the events we put together.

Innoverto Management

Marie-LouiseMarie–Louise Adlercreutz
Managing Director

Marie-Louise has close to 15 years of experience in the events management, training and conference production industries and has worked with hundreds of clients and partners in three different continents. From Swedish origin and with a Master of Political Science from Uppsala University she has primarily worked in Sweden, USA and the UAE, amongst many other places until she decided 5 years ago that it was time for an innovative change and Innoverto came to life.

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