Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA™) / (ACEA™)

Intensive 5-day Training Programme – Internationally Accredited Certification

Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA™) / (ACEA™)

The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA™)/ (ACEA™) is an interactive course that addresses the increasingly diverse roles expected of the modern Executive Assistant.

From humble beginning the Executive Personal Assistant is nowadays, normally university qualified and required to perform demanding roles on behalf of their boss such as preparing executive reports, make presentations, attending and even making contributions during executive board meetings. Executive Personal Assistants / Secretaries now have a highly visible and demanding role in blue chip corporations and government organisations.

The must-have training certification for ambitious high performing Executive Assistants

This demanding role makes it imperative that the EA/PA/ Secretary has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the key fundamentals of Strategic Thinking, Project Management, Corporate Finance and Reporting, Leadership, HR, Procurement and Information Technology. This course provides training in these key areas of expertise, along with core EA skills, such as communication, presentation, report writing, procurement, IT & conflict management.

Being a well-trained EA/PA/ Secretary is a source of security, prosperity and power!

Certified by Qualifi, accredited by CPD, endorsed by IAM – and used by over 1,000 Assistants to stand out and accelerate their careers!

On completion of this five-day training course you will receive your certificate which has been fully accredited by Qualifi, an official UK Government recognised awarding body. Proudly display ACEPA™ after your name (business cards, LinkedIn profile, email signature & resume) and stand out as a qualified Executive Assistant.

In addition to Qualifi, ACEPA™ is independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office, who award independent accreditation to training and learning activities across all professions and sectors.

The training is also endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM).

The ACEPA™/ ACEA™ training is being run all over the world and can also be delivered in-house at your location should you have a team.

See below for dates and locations nearby you.

For more information or to book contact Marie-Louise at or call +971 4 338 5690.

Courses in 2018

International Courses in 2018

Zanzibar, Tanzania 12 February – 16 February, 2018
Gleneagles, Scotland 26 February – 02 March, 2018
London, UK 19 March – 23 March
Dubai, UAE 25 March – 29 March, 2018
Cairo, Egypt 22 April – 26 April, 2018
Toronto, Canada 07 May – 11 May, 2018
Austin, Texas, USA 14 May – 18 May, 2018
Berlin, Germany 11 June – 15 June, 2018
Sydney, Australia 16 July – 20 July, 2018
Singapore 23 July – 28 July, 2018
Johannesburg, South Africa 27 August – 31 August, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What differentiates ACEPA from other administrative professional courses?

ACEPA is an Executive Led Business focussed programme and is only ever delivered by Executives or ex-Executives

Q. Why was ACEPA developed?

The Executive Support profession is on a journey. From the traditional “Secretary” the role is evolving into that of Executive Business Partner. In order to survive in the profession Executive Assistants need to learn more business focused skills.

The BMTG leadership team recognised this evolving pattern and realised that those in the profession required something that would give them the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to undertake these new and challenging roles.

Q. What are the entry requirements?

As ACEPA is an advanced level course we look for a combination of skills and experience. Entry to ACEPA can be granted if you fulfil one of the following criteria.

  • University degree or equivalent
  • 3 years’ experience in role or similar role
  • Fellow or similar level of a recognised local PA/EA Association

Q. Does ACEPA qualify for CPD credits?

Yes ACEPA is independently accredited by the CPD Standards office and offers 30 CPD Credits.

Q. Is the ACEPA certificate valid for life?

YES. Unlike most, if not all, other Certified/Chartered courses the ACEPA certificate and post nominal is yours for life.

Q. Do I need to maintain “Membership” of pay Annual Fees to use ACEPA?

NO. Again unlike most, if not all, similar Certified or Chartered courses ACEPA does not require you to maintain “membership” or pay annual fees for the privilege of using you well earned post nominal for interviews or on business cards etc.

Q. Do I need to maintain a level of CPD credits to keep ACEPA post nominal?


Q. Is ACEPA recognised?

ACEPA has been attended by delegates from hundreds of companies across the globe who selected ACEPA due to its uniqueness, reputation and course content.

As well as being independently Certified by Qualifi, a recognised UK awarding body, ACEPA is also accredited by the CPD Standards Office and fully endorsed by Executive Secretary Magazine, the Association of Office Professionals of South Africa (OPSA) and the prestigious Institute of Administrative Managers (IAM)

Q. Does ACEPA have any testimonials?

YES. ACEPA uses to collect testimonials and is the highest scoring course amongst all Administrative Professional Courses in terms of Volume of Courses and Delegate Score.

Click here to see the reviews.

Q. Can ACEPA be Run In-House for my Company?

YES. Please contact us for further details

Q. Can I sit the BMTG examination and get the accreditation without attending an official BMTG course?


Q. What is the format of the BMTG examination?

The “Open Book” examination consists of 50 questions which are a combination of written answers, multiple choice and true/false answers

Most delegates take up to 2 hours to complete the examination as it is a strong test of delegates’ knowledge.

The pass mark with effect from 1st July 2016 is 70%.

Is additional research required to successfully complete ACEPA course or is everything I need to know contained in the course materials?

Any additional research is always useful for a delegate, however the examination is based on the course materials alone, and no additional research is required to sit the examination.

Q. Can I do the ACEPA course and not sit the examination?

Yes of course. After participating in the course, it is your choice whether to take the examination or not, but without passing the examination, you would not be eligible to use the ACEPA designation on your business card or resume and would not be Certified.

Q. How long after the examination will I know my results?

The examination results are generally published within one week of sitting the examination.

Certificates can take up to 30 days.

What is the percentage of delegates who fail the BMTG examination?

Generally, delegates are failed for the following reasons as:

  • Failure to achieve the minimum Assessment score
  • Failure to fully attend all sessions,
  • persistent lateness,
  • non attendance or
  • non participation.

Examination failures are between 5%-10% of all delegates who attend.

Q. If I fail the examination, what happens next?

In the event of an Assessment fail, there is an appeals process which can involve resitting the examination under classroom conditions or writing an essay on learning outcomes and application thereof.

Delegates who fail the Assessment may also re-attend the course at a discount of 50% of the price originally paid.

There is no appeal process for delegates who failed due to non attendance, persistent lateness or non-participation unless due to certified sickness or illness

Q. What should I look for in Certification?

There are a multitude of bodies offering credentials for the Administrative profession.

Our view is that any credentials must be totally independent of the training body and/or association offering the training otherwise there is conflict of interest. Check who is actually “certifying” and are they regulated in any way.

In addition our suggestion is to:

  • Look at course testimonials and only select those course with high scores
  • Establish which firms/organisations have sent delegates previously
  • Avoid diploma mills. Having a “qualification” from a diploma mill will damage your reputation and job prospects.
  • Ensure that anything that claims to be a “Diploma”, “Degree” or “Chartered” is offered by a bona fide Educational Institution and that the course is of sufficient length to justify the award. For example you cannot gain Degree, A Diploma or Chartered Status in by doing a 5 days course. It takes years of study
  • Use Google to look out for scams. Unfortunately there are many out there
  • Finally, ensure that the certificate is not simply being offered by the course provider with no independent accreditation body. Again, sadly, there are many training organisations that simply self-certify. Their credentials are worthless

Our advice is “Be Careful Out There”

Q. Is ACEPA Available On-Line?


Q. Are there any bursaries available for ACEPA?


Join the companies that have benefited from ACEPA™ training:

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  • March, 2018
    25/Mar/2018 - 29/Mar/2018

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • April, 2018
    22/Apr/2018 - 26/Apr/2018

    Cairo, Egypt

  • May, 2018
    07/May/2018 - 11/May/2018

    Toronto, Canada

  • May, 2018
    14/May/2018 - 18/May/2018

    Texas, United States

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