Introducing business management coaching for transforming Africa’s best practices, professional development


The year 2016 has undoubtedly put Rwanda on the world map as a top African destination for most prestigious global conferences. Rwanda being one of Africa’s fastest growing economies and most secure places in Africa, it is only natural for the capital to attract more world-class activities. KORA Associates Ltd, a company which relocated its offices from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has actively been promoting a new breed of professional Coaching practice in Rwanda. Its Kigali based entity was founded in order to meet exceeding need for efficient professional services in Human Capital Development. Its Managing Director, Mireille Karera stated that “Global Business Coaching industry is a multibillion dollar industry. Recent Market research studies on Business Coaching show a whopping figure of $12 billion contributed to the US economy.

Approximately $2 billion were attributed to Life Coaching and Self-Improvement markets. In the last three decades the Coaching industry has generated a new breed of entrepreneurs and multimillionaires.

Some high profile Coaches and Motivational Speakers include well known speakers such as Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma etc. just to mention a few. When comparing the Coaching industry in Rwanda to that of its African peers or developed nations, there is a great gap needing to be bridged.

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