January Spotlight: Marie- Louise Adlercreutz Innoverto Dubai

Marie-Louise-photo1. Tell us about your time in the Middle East?

I arrived in Dubai in 2010 from New York and the US where I had lived for 8 years following the completion of my Masters degree in political science from Uppsala University in my home country of Sweden.

I moved to Dubai as part of a company transfer that was supposed to last for 2 years. After only one year in Dubai but about 10 years of work experience in international business out of about half were in conference production and executive professional training I co-founded Innoverto in 2011 in order to provide the region with better access to international best practices and executive training through certified programs led by international experts.

For instance, Innoverto is the official provider of training for internationally revered and recognized institutes and training programs such as the New York Institute of Management and BMTG in the UK. As such Innoverto acts as the local representative and provides a long list of public and in house certified training programs but also industry events such as the Retail Leaders Circles – a CEO Forum now in its 4th year.

The topic areas we are known for are Leadership & Management, Procurement, Contracts, Bid & Tender Management and Supply Chain, Operations, Process & Procedure and Data Management & Analytics.

As our trainings are being requested globally we deliver several executive programs such as the Advanced Certificate for Executive Assistants in Toronto, Washington DC and Singapore and will continue to launch other public courses in new locations in 2018.  Most rewarding is to receive such positive feedback from participants which create a natural catalyst for us to grow and to do so on a wider and more global scale with each passing year.


How would you describe the culture of your business?

We are a small, young, energetic and flexible team able to produce and facilitate tailor-made programs on a broad range of topics. As a result, we have been able to establish long term partnerships with trainers and clients in the region and internationally.

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