Our Training and Media Partners

Our Training Partners

  • Point Retail

    Point Retail

    Point Retail’s mission is to get recognized as a company that brings a wide array of high-quality services to help its clients achieve their ultimate goal, THE EXCELLENCE!

    Whether its clients need a new & exciting concept for their brand with regard to retailing, packaging, point-of-sale or retail interior; whether they are looking for quality trainers for inhouse or simulation based training or want to send their team for outbound managementdevelopment programs; whether the training topic is just a soft skill or it’s a pure marketing concept like Customer Centricity; & finally, whether they are a manufacturing company, a retail business, a bank or any other business entity; Point Retail wants to be there for them with all its services. It wants to be known as the ‘One-Stop Shop for All Their Business Needs’.

  • KORA Associates Ltd.

    The expression KORA translates into “creating, innovating, acting, working, realizing, generating, bringing forth and developing“. All of these attributes and values perfectly describe KORA Associates Ltd.

    We are a Coaching and Consulting company with offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Rwanda, East Africa. We provide bespoke consulting and coaching services to clients around the globe. We specialize in three core areas Consulting, Coaching and Community. Our solutions focus on:

    Personal Development: (Life Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership, Motivation, Executive Coaching, Talent Management);
    Business Development: (Growth Strategies, Sales & Marketing, Customer Services and Relationship Management, Negotiation Skills)
    Community Advisory: (Rural Community Advisory, Economic Empowerment for Women).

    Our solutions are delivered in multiple ways, depending on our clients’ preferred methods. We can deliver training and coaching sessions to individuals, in the classroom environment or in public workshop formats.

    Empowering people, businesses and communities with knowledge and strategic tools are key to growth. Our clients see us as a Strategic Partner and Associate.

  • ICTN

    ICTN – International Consulting and Training Network Offshore s.a.l.
    is a consulting and training firm specialized in Enterprise Optimization and Customized, Experiential Training. With offices in Beirut and New York we have been serving the MENA since 1993.

    ICTN Vision
    ICTN’s vision is to make a positive and measurable change in every life and every business that we touch.

    ICTN mission
    ICTN’s mission is to help clients become more profitable by developing their people and their organization using integrated solutions and applying the latest and most effective international methods and technologies.

  • ProMelior


    The ProMelior mission is to develop and energize leaders to transform businesses.  We believe that profound changes are at the heart of any business transformation. We work with our clients to ensure that change, is ‘for the better’ – as our name suggests. We believe that a long-term program of individual coaching and timely adult learning interventions can help leaders ‘break-through’ performance barriers, mobilize their organizations and achieve exponential impact. Our knowledge has been developed through deep sector expertise in financial services, private equity, management consulting, pharmaceuticals, retail, fashion, hospitality & luxury, and academia.

  • NYIM partner

    New York Institute of Management (NYIM)

    The New York Institute of Management is an independent, mission-driven organization committed to advance the management practice and enhance organizational performance.

    As a trusted partner of some of the world’s leading academic institutions NYIM is pioneering new approaches to flexible corporate education that connects practitioners to capture knowledge, build skills, solve problems and generate innovative business ideas.

  • Interfima


    The International Association of Financial Management is a non-profit organization that aims to share knowledge and add value to the financial markets, through ongoing professional education and training. With our headquarters in Luxembourg, we operate in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania while we aim to expand to new regions.

    We are committed to bringing the best financial learning experience to financial institutions, corporations, governmental entities, and industry professionals, through high quality learning standards.

    We focus on establishing healthy relationships with organizations that share the same vision, values and beliefs in regard to market development and progress.

  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

    The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is a worldwide organisation with an established International pedigree. With over 33,000 members working in over 100 countries, the CILT spans the globe. It is an organisation that offers significant benefits to all its members, as well as a complete suite of educational courses internationally. Established in 1919 and receiving its Royal Charter in 1926, the Institute has an exciting history behind it, but is always adapting to stay consistent with current logistics and transport issues. The Institute’s Patron is HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The principal objective of the Institute is “To promote and encourage the art and science of logistics and transport”. The Institute achieves this objective through both its membership and its educational qualifications. Membership provides a professional identity to those in the logistics, transport and supply chain sector an international recognition. The Institute’s professional qualifications educate not only those already in the sector, but also those wishing to enter into it. The Institute is represented worldwide with National Councils and Institute Branches. Each council is, in its own right, a seperate organisation representing the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in their territory. They all share the common cause of achieving the Institute’s primary objective.

    CILT – UAE Council was originally founded in 2002 on the initiative of the former Director General Mr. Cyril Bleasdale and the support of a small number of CILT members situated in Dubai. The aim of setting-up a section in Dubai was to introduce best practice through professional membership and education within the Logistics and Transport Management in UAE Region. Sir Maurice Flanagan from Emirates Group took the initiative to start the branch. Since its launching (2002) CILT – UAE Council has manage to attract 700 members through the Middle-East Region and membership continuous to grow as the professional people from the industry, business community and students studying an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain with different universities has recognised the importance and beneficial of becoming members of CILT International.


    Knowledge Consultants. Inc. (KCI)

    Knowledge Consultants, Inc. is a professional services firm founded in 1984. KCI provides consulting and professional education services. With over 50 courses taught worldwide,KCI provides the opportunity to develop core strengths in the following certification areas:

    • Process Management
    • IT Management
    • Business Performance Management
    • Business Analysis
    • Analytical Techniques for Business
    • Business and IT Architecture

    KCI has expanded its training and consulting efforts internationally into Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. KCI has an outstanding list of current and past clients including many of the Fortune’s 100 companies.

    Consulting focuses on the key areas of Business Performance Management, Process Management, Business and IT Architecture, Business Analysis, Using Analytic Techniques for Performance Improvement and IT Management.

    Frank Kowalkowski is the President and CEO of Knowledge Consultants Inc. He has 30 years of management consulting and industry experience, in manufacturing, distribution, insurance and financial services as well as the public sector. He has been involved with wide range of projects that include e-commerce, application integration, ERP, change management, content management, benchmarking, business performance measurement, business and competitive intelligence, technology deployment and process improvement. He is the author of a 1996 book on Enterprise Analysis (Prentice – Hall, ISBN 0-13-282-3365) and over 80 papers. Frank has been the keynote speaker as well a conference chair at several conferences. He is currently working on a new edition of the Enterprise Analysis book (fall 2011) and a book on BPM for Managers.



  • Feac-Institute-Partner

    FEAC Institute

    Since opening in 2002, FEAC™ their worldwide program has graduated over 1,400 Certified Enterprise Architects (CEAs) and trained over 1,500 in several other architecture disciplines. FEAC programs feature the best thought leaders and instructors in the field of enterprise architecture, including John Zachman, the creator of the Zachman Framework™, considered the father of Enterprise Architecture and author of numerous EA publications. Now, FEAC has expanded its certification to include related business disciplines that expand and enable the architecture perspective.

    For more information visit: www.feacinstitute.org

  • Stream Management


    STREAM’s dream is to contribute to a more sustainable world, by focusing on “helping organizations become more efficient, effective and responsible”.

    Its customers include both corporations such as Coca-Cola 3E, Cosmote, Carrefour, Heineken, Nestle, Mercedes-Benz, Henkel, Korres, NBAD, Worthington, Novartis, InterfaceFLOR etc., as well as institutions such as CSR Europe, EFQM, Leadership Center Denmark, WWF etc.

    STREAM delivers consulting, training, speaking and outsourcing services, in the following Management areas:

    • Corporate Excellence: organisation alignment, corporate assessment-EFQM, strategic planning-BSC, change management, innovation facilitation, workshop facilitation, experiential leadership etc.
    • Corporate Responsibility: gap analysis (e.g. on-line assessment), internal organization (e.g. stakeholder engagement, data collection), program development, communication, reporting (e.g. CR reports) etc.
    • Environmental Management: gap analysis (e.g. benchmarking), internal organisation (e.g. impact assessment, management systems-ISO14001-EMAS), program development (e.g. energy modeling, LCA-EDP), reporting etc.
    • People Management: personal coaching, psychometric analysis, culture change, internal organisation (e.g. appraisal process, management systems-OHSAS18001) etc.
    • Process Management: quality management-ISO9001, corporate auditing, risk assessment, business process modeling-BPM, information security-ISO27001 etc.
    • Reputation Management: reputation risk assessment, reputation surveys, corporate identity, strategic communication, transparent lobbying etc.


  • BMTG

    Business Management Training Group

    The BMTG Management Team comprises of a select group of individuals, each of whom bring a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to the team. The courses cover diverse but essential business disciplines such as: Project Management, Procurement, Change Management, Customer Service Excellence, Leadership, Business Operations, Insurance and range from Foundation Level, through Advanced Level to the Masters Level.

    All of the Directors and Advisors have in excess of 20 years of experience in their respective fields and they continue to practice their disciplines via consulting or contract assignments, whilst contributing to the successful stewardship of BMTG Ltd. BMTG and its Portfolio of courses are Accredited and approved by Qualifi – under the UK Regulatory Framework. BMTG Project Management Courses are eligible for Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the Project Management Institute (PMI)


    qualifi logoQualifi is a UK regulated awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications and assessment to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and internationally. For more information, please go to www.qualifi.net

  • International Supply Chain Education Alliance

    The International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) is the developer of the internationally recognized certification programs of Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM), Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA), Certified Lean Master (CLM), Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP), Certified RFID Master (RFIDSCM), and Certified Supply Chain Technology Professional (CSCTP). ISCEA is the governing body for the Ptak Prize.ISCEA members hold mid to upper supply chain management positions in Global 2000 companies.

    ISCEA_AKP_Seal (1)

    For more information about ISCEA, please visit, www.iscea.org or www.iscea.net


    International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

    The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management enables both public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills. It provides executives and practitioners with advisory, research and benchmarking services, and worldwide training and certification for contracts, commercial and relationship management professionals. IACCM is a non-profit membership organization that supports innovation and collaboration in meeting the demands of today’s global trading relationships and practices.


  • Consus

    Consus International Middle East

    Consus International (CONSUS) has been active in the Middle East region for more than 15 years and following recommendation from regionally based clients in addition to the increasing commercial demand within the Middle East region for high level occupational and environmental risk management CONSUS established a local business unit (CONSUS Int. ME) LLC. to improve the accessibility and service provision to its regional clients. Consus International Middle East Health and Safety Consultancy LLC is approved and duly licensed by Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD). Certification and approval was granted on the 18th of May 2011.

    Consus has developed a reputation for bringing together extremely competent, professional and eminent consultants including specialist ‘contracted independents’ due to their international standing and specialism.

    Their lead consultants have researched, developed and conducted training courses all over the world including the UK, Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia as well as providing strategic consultancy support. Their experience includes provision of training and consultancy for a broad range of clients active in a number of industrial sectors. Consultancy and training services have been delivered to a number of sectors including Construction and Civil Engineering, Education and Learning, Government Bodies and Local Authorities, Healthcare, Heavy Engineering, including Marine, Hospitality and Leisure, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Process industries, Police and Defence and the Telecommunications.


  • CGS_Center

    Corporate Governance and Sustainability Center (CGS Center)

    Corporate Governance and Sustainability Center (CGS Center) is a network of eligible experts – under the leadership of Dr. Guler Manisali-Darman, an international expert in Corporate Governance – in the field of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility related services ranging from assessment to research and from raising awareness to compliance. In addition to its training and advisory services, CGS Center active in Turkey, Middle East and Eastern Europe, prepares for its members, strategic company and country assessment reports. Assistance in structured finance is also among the services we provide.

    CGS Center provide corporate governance related services ranging from assessment to research, and from raising awareness to compliance to the corporate governance rules in companies (listed, non-listed, family owned, small & medium sized), non profit organizations and governments and governmental organizations.

    CGS Center gives training seminars under the related topics such as corporate governance, risk management, ınternational financial reporting standards, managerial accounting..etc.


  • Business Productivity

    Business Productivity

    Business Productivity’s mission is to help companies improve their business productivity and increase their return on investment in Microsoft software by providing modern, business-related, impactful high-definition video training. The aim is to be the premier channel for business professionals around the world who want to work smarter and more effectively using Microsoft software. Business Productivity provides educational, practical, step-by-step videos that help you become more productive in your daily work.

    Business Productivity offers 10 minutes tutorial videos, informative blog articles and online training courses through Udemy. The online courses are 1-2 hours in length and showcase how to effectively use Microsoft Office products in a business environment. In addition to accessing the online courses via Udemy, Innoverto and Business Productivity can also package the videos and deliver them through existing corporate learning platforms including half to full day workshops.

    For more information visit: www.businessproductivity.com

Our Media Partners

  • Clo-Me

    Chief Learning Officer Middle East (CLO ME)

    Chief Learning Officer Middle East is THE social network for HR and L&D professionals. The founding members of CLO-ME believe that this social network can assist in fast tracking the careers of L&D and HR professionals, through sharing best practice and connecting with leading practitioners in the region. CLO-ME enables this through the provision of a great social media network, allowing HR and L&D professionals connect with others, to get help and advice on raising their profile within their companies, to exchange their views and of course, share best practices within their field.

    To further contribute towards HR and L&D best practices, the CLO-ME portal creates a factual resource pool for those practitioners that are looking for forward thinking practical solutions and practices. The resources available include publications, white papers, blogs, key note speeches and research projects in the Middle East.


  • 85Broads

    85 Broads

    85 Broads is a global women’s network whose mission is to generate exceptional professional and social value for its members. Through our regional network events and online at 85Broads.com, members invest their time, their intellect, and their financial capital in each other’s ideas and businesses.

    85 Broads was founded in 1997 as a network for current and former Goldman Sachs women who worked at 85 Broad Street, the firm’s NYC headquarters, and at other GS offices worldwide. In 2007, membership in 85 Broads was extended to all amazing, trailblazing women worldwide without regard to one’s college or graduate school affiliation. The women in 85 Broads are entrepreneurs, investment bankers, consultants, filmmakers, lawyers, educators, athletes, venture capitalists, portfolio managers, political leaders, philanthropists, doctors, engineers, artists, scientists, in addition to women who are seeking to blaze new trails.


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