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Faculty Chair of the Harvard University Innovation Lab, Professor Srikant Datar is widely regarded as one of the most influential authorities in the world on the topic of Design Thinking and Problem Solving. Companies and institutions around the world such as Ahold-Delhaize, and Novartis have adopted Professor Datar’s innovative approach with astonishing results. In a rare appearance, you now have the chance to attend a half day workshop with Professor Datar sharing the techniques behind Design Thinking and Innovative Problem Solving.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of Design Thinking
  • Identify the differences between Problem Solving Techniques and Design Thinking
  • Get examples of how these approaches will solve both internal and external challenges your organization is facing
  • Overview of the model and techniques used by leading organizations to develop a capacity for innovative problem solving and design thinking through repeated practice
  • Discuss areas you would like to innovate on in your business

Who Should Attend?

Who should attend

  • The event is targeting C-level and Executive Committee members of different departments of the company (for example, operations, IT) where innovative projects can be implemented.
  • Those who are charged with identifying, managing and developing leaders and high-potential/emerging leaders across the region.
  • Job titles include: CEOs, Managing Directors, Managing Partners, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Managers, and their teams from both government and businesses.

About Professor Datar

About Professor Datar

480Professor Srikant M. Datar is the Arthur Lowes Dickinson Professor and Senior Associate Dean for University Affairs at Harvard Business School and the Faculty Chair of the Harvard University Innovation Lab. A graduate with distinction from the University of Bombay and a gold medalist from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, he holds two masters degrees and a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Datar’s research and teaching interests are in strategy implementation, design thinking and innovation, and data science. He has published his research on quality, productivity, time-based competition, new product development, bottleneck management, incentives, and performance evaluation in several prestigious journals.

Cited by his students as a dedicated and innovative teacher, Datar received the George Leland Bach Award for Excellence in the Classroom at Carnegie Mellon University and the Distinguished Teaching Award at Stanford University. He is a co-author of Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at a Crossroads published by Harvard Business Press. Recently, he has developed two new courses, Design Thinking and Innovation, focused on developing innovative thinking and creative problem solving skills, and Big Data and Critical Thinking emphasizing machine learning.

Datar serves on the Board of Directors of ICF International, Novartis AG, Stryker Corporation, and T-Mobile USA. He has taught in executive programs for companies and consulted with many organizations around the world.

Workshop Outline

Workshop Outline

The capacity to innovate has become a critical skill for the 21st century business person and entrepreneur operating in an ever more complicated and fast changing world.

The surprising insight from recent research is that there is a body of knowledge and systematic techniques that individuals can use to think creatively.

Innovative problem solving and design thinking is most commonly associated with product design, but it can as aptly be applied to processes, business models, management, and strategy.

Professor Datar uses a hands-on pedagogy to help managers solve business problems with immediate success. This workshop will give you an overview of how Professor Datar’s approach works and how design thinking and innovative problem-solving techniques create value.

The workshop will cover:
  • Techniques for gaining deep customer understanding and insights
  • Problem framing and reframing
  • A range of ideation methods such as task unification, multiplication, attribute dependency, and alternate worlds
  • Concept development using rapid prototyping to meet customer needs
  • Building innovative teams

Workshop Details

Workshop Details

Date Time Venue
24 October, 2017 1:00pm – 5:00pm Dubai, UAE

Workshop Schedule

Registration 12:00pm
Session 1 1:00pm
Short Break 2:45pm – 3:15pm
Session 2 3:15pm
Conclusion 5:00pm


Standard Pricing Early Bird Pricing: Book and pay before 8 October 2017
USD 899 USD 699

Group Discounts

Team of 3 5% per person off the individual price
Team of 5 10% per person off the individual price
Team of 8 15% per person off the individual price

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