Finance & Strategy: Business Simulation



Finance & Strategy: Business Simulation


The input of individuals from all areas of an organization, are increasingly impacting the operational and strategical success of any business. Understanding these dynamics is crucial and therefore business awareness at all levels is needed in order to understand and communicate effectively. The Finance & Strategy Business Simulation – BalInCa Plus™ – is a sophisticated simulation that builds essential financial fundamentals for every business professional, irrespective of his or her background or field of expertise. Building business acumen and decision-making skills is the first step to strengthening leadership development.

Balinca-logoBalInCa Plus™ was developed by a Belgian organization that used their business critical knowledge and expertise to create an engaging and impactful experience. Its proven track record has enabled some of the most successful international organizations to repeatedly put their team members through this workshop to continually improve communication, cohesiveness and alignment to their goals.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives

  • Understanding accounting principles and reading annual reports in the most effective and highly interactive learning method
  • Understanding key financial indicators to assess the health of businesses’ financial standing
  • Effective budgeting
  • Monetizing and accurately assessing key investment decisions and their impact to the bottom line
  • Running a business for five financial periods
  • Recognizing the impact of intangible factors such as marketing, customer service and market research to the company’s growth
  • Conducting SWOT analysis and building a defensible business model based on strategy and calculated risk

What to expect from this course

  • Understanding company financial statements, accounting and finance principles and the key financial indicators used to assess the health of any business.
  • Monetizing and accurately assessing key investment decisions and their impact to the bottom-line.
  • Running a real business for five financial periods and analyzing the results from different perspectives.
  • Recognizing the impact of intangible factors such as marketing, customer service and market research and how they directly align with growth and strategy.

Who should Attend

What should experience this workshop

  • Any business unit manager, senior professional, director or C-suite executive will derive benefit from the experience of this intensive workshop.
  • In order to optimise the knowledge, we encourage organizations to designate team members from a cross section of departments. This increases team collaboration, synergy and the understanding of different perspectives.
  • Any individual in a managerial role or person holding responsibility for financial outcomes will improve their decision-making skills because they will be able to clearly understand the direct impact of their strategic and operational decisions.

Course Facilitators

Meet the course facilitators

Graduating with a Masters in Law, Lele began her career practicing in London. Her move to Mexico and Singapore led her towards taking a position as a University Trainee in an international bank, and it was from there that her desire to make finance understandable and useful for all, truly began.

Further exploration of educational gaming and business simulation, supported her creation of BalInCa™, a business simulation that reveals the story behind the figures to finance and non-finance professionals alike. Iele’s ‘North Star’ is to show how every part of a business contributes and creates value to the financial health of the company and it is for this reason that she has successfully consulted and trained all over the world to some of the largest global organizations such as Oracle, Cisco, Apple, Nokia and GE.

Lele’s depth of expertise, invigorating delivery style and ability to speak English, Dutch, French or German, has enabled her to be widely recognized as a world-class and sought-after facilitator.

Born in Zaire, Katrien’s initial interest in the sciences supported her goal of graduating as an industrial chemical engineer from the University of Kortrijk (Belgium). In various sales and business development roles, she worked for European organizations that specialized in technical equipment and advanced technology.

Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, Katrien successfully opened and operated her own restaurant, building her business into a well-known, regional establishment. Equipped with first-hand experience, Katrien was attracted to helping others with business understanding and knowledge and it was in 1995 that she became involved in business simulations and their direct impact on teaching others the relationship between finance and strategic decisions.

With the ability to converse in English, Dutch, French and German, Katrien has been involved in the development and facilitation of simulations since 2001 and continues to impart her acute listening skills and extensive business knowledge to help others.


What our participants say

“The content of the program went beyond my expectation as the overall engagement of the team and challenges between the groups brought better understanding of planning toward achieving better financial outcomes.”

Nawaf Nassir Abdulla, CEO, DP World ME and Africa

“At long last, a clear and efficient method. Thanks.”

Roland Sanchez, General Electric

“It is not easy to sell quite a dry subject such as finance, but I must congratulate you – you did this in a very professional and motivating way.”

Alexander Hotz, Financial Controller, Kuehne + Nagel

“I definitely see the value of the training in my day-to-day work. I am taking the approach we learned to do budgeting for my company and I am now viewing next year from a completely different perspective, utilizing the key financial indicators to analyze and plan. I would even go so far as to say that I would like to do the workshop again to gain even more benefit the second time round.”

Faisal Shaheen, Deputy Managing Director, Five Moon Company Limited

Workshop Details

Workshop Details

Date Venue
08 to 09 November, 2017 Dubai, UAE


Ticket (per Delegate)
US$ 2,160 (Book before 15th, October 2017)
US$ 2,400 (Not including accommodation or travel costs)

A 10% discount is available to organizations confirming more than 6 people to an open workshop.
A minimum of 5 participants from any one organization is highly recommended.

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