The Leadership Bootcamp

Leadership Boot Camp


The Leadership Bootcamp


“What does it take to unlock your employees’ unique talents and inspire them to achieve peak leadership potential?”

Strengthen your Organisation Capacity 

The Leadership Boot Camp focuses on leadership development in order to strengthen individual, team and organisational capacity. We believe that in order for any organisation or team to be effective there must be clarity of purpose, strategies, and work plans, along with the individual roles and responsibilities of team members.

Equally important are interpersonal qualities of self-understanding, trust, communication, and mutual accountability. These two perspectives together determine a team’s ability to achieve and sustain high performance, making both leadership development and team building a necessary companion to the operational and training efforts of organisational capacity strengthening.

An experiential training programme designed to bring together the theory and the reality of leadership

For centuries, the military has been successful at bringing individuals together, building formidable forces against threat. The very origin of leadership was founded by military disciplines and today’s business environment is no less a battlefield,
requiring strategy that is agile, execution that is swift and with teams that are unified.

Building teams means building cohesiveness. Building cohesiveness means having a goal and inspiring others to achieve that target. None of this happens without creating an unwavering level of trust that remains unaltered when faced with the first obstacle. Sharing adversity fosters trust like no other emotional experience. Collectively being on the front line strengthens a team’s level of engagement and motivation.

How we Manage Risk

Safety of both participants and instructors is the top priority of Initiativez during Boot Camp. Activities are undertaken in line with the strictest safety procedures, developed with international expertise to ensure maximum physical, emotional and social safety. All venues used by Initiativez during the Leadership Boot Camp are certified by the UK Health & Safety Executive’s Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA).


The Leadership Boot Camp is recommended for professionals who want to deepen their leadership skills, especially in the areas of problem solving, decision-making, communication, motivation and team building.

Our open courses are most suited to senior managers wanting to sharpen their leadership skills and managers transitioning into more senior positions. Initiativez can also customise this programme for companies who would like to send a team of emerging leaders as part of personal development and succession planning.

Course Objectives

  • Create innovative solutions to varied problems
  • Understand and mange the ripple effects of your decisions
  • Communicate the good stuff as well as the bad
  • Master giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Build self confidence when taken out of your comfort zone
  • Perform under pressure
  • Better Understand yourself and your leadership style
  • Encourage effective team work
  • Energise and engage your teams
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Instil values system and discover the effect of culture
  • Master influence and persuasion
  • Enjoy a unique and intense adventure.


What to expect from this course.


Push your Limits – find your Potential

We deliver an elite Leadership Boot Camp that pushes people out of their comfort zone in order to advance leaders to the next level of professional performance. We transform today’s employees into tomorrow’s leaders through immersive, hands-­on training led by experts with exceptional military and corporate training backgrounds.

Our aim is to use military principles and lessons

Lead Self
Develop self-awareness, adaptability, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, self-discipline to develop the individuals’ ability to:

Lead Team
Become adept at decision-making and problem solving, influencing, negotiation, persuasion, and execution.

Lead Organisations
Understand political influence and persuasion, strategic positioning and how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of an organisation.

About Insights Discovery®
Insights Discovery® is a psychometric tool that will provide participants with an in-depth personality profile focused on providing feedback on management, communication, and leadership styles. During an interactive and engaging programme, and using the personality profile as a starting point, We work with individuals and organisations on maximising performance, maximising communication, improving team performance, developing exceptional leaders, and increasing sales effectiveness.

Global clients of Insights Discovery® include: Johnson & Johnson, Pret a Manger, DHL, PHILIPS, Novartis

We begin the journey by using leadership and communication self assessments to assess individual distinct leadership needs. We follow through with the Insights Discovery® Psychometric which is used throughout the programme to develop personal, team and leadership effectiveness. In addition to the assessments and Insights Discovery®, the Leadership Boot Camp is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Course Facilitators

Meet the course facilitators

Mark Wales

Mark-WalesMark Wales has extensive experience in military leadership training through his service in the Australian military. Mark has obtained his MBA from The Wharton School – UPENN and worked at McKinsey & Company – Global Management Consulting. Mark is specialised in experiential training and leadership development. He has gained a unique perspective and under-standing of the challenges that companies face on a day-to-day basis. This insight affords Mark an unparalleled understanding of the winning formula for today’s leaders.

“You will leave feeling empowered and ready for the challenges ahead.” , Marc Wales, Course Director

Workshop Details

Workshop Details

Date Venue
11 August – 17 August, 2017 Glaramara Lake District, Scotland
13 July – 20 July, 2017 Springkell, Scotland


Ticket (per Delegate) Pricing
Single US$ 3,800
Shared US$ 3,200

Note: Pricing includes accommodation and meals. Airfare and train travel are additional.

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