Advanced Certificate in Compliance, Risk Management & Governance (ACCRG)

  • Dates: 13, November 2023 - 17, November 2023
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
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Advanced Certificate in Compliance, Risk Management & Governance (ACCRG)

Risk management is an integral part of good management practice and an essential element of good corporate governance.

We live in an uncertain world – all organisations have material risks that must be actively managed in order to survive in an increasingly complex environment. These risks relate to the increasing obligations of organisations to people, the community, their stakeholders and the environment. Risk management involves managing to achieve an appropriate balance between realising opportunities while minimising adverse impacts. It is an iterative process which can enable sound decision making and facilitate continuous improvement in performance.

All executives and managers have a responsibility to properly manage the risks in their organisations and this course will show them, and those working for them, how to identify, evaluate, manage and act on these risks. It will also show them how corporate governance works and what is expected of them in the corporate governance framework.

This course is not only for Risk professionals but for everyone with a managerial responsibility. This comprehensive and interactive 5-day program is certified by Qualifi, a recognised UK awarding body, and covers the inter-related disciplines of Risk Management, Internal Controls and Corporate Governance. It is designed to give executives and managers the tools and confidence to enable their organisation to deliver sustainable results in a controlled environment. The course will be led by an experienced risk management executive who will cover the principles of Risk Management and Corporate Governance and illustrate how these principles can be applied in practice.

The course will cover:

  • Risks and issues
  • Commercial importance of good risk management
  • Identification of risks
  • Evaluation
  • Changing nature of risks over time
  • Short and long term risks
  • Management of risks including accepted and external risks
  • Risk reporting
  • Escalation
  • Operational Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Legal/Regulatory Risk
  • Strategic Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Creating a Risk Framework
  • Governance committees
  • Composition of committees
  • External oversight

Benefits of attending

By attending this interactive course you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Enhancing Strategic Governance:
  • Understanding the role of governance in organizational success.
  • Analyzing governance models and best practices.
  • Developing strategies to align governance with business objectives.
  • Advanced Risk Management Techniques:
  • Evaluating different types of risks and their impact on the organization.
  • Implementing risk assessment methodologies and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Building a risk-aware culture within the organization.
  • Compliance Excellence:
  • Navigating complex regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements.
  • Designing effective compliance programs and controls.
  • Managing compliance risks and responding to compliance breaches.
  • Integrating Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC):
  • Recognizing the interconnections between governance, risk, and compliance.
  • Developing integrated GRC frameworks to streamline processes.
  • Improving decision-making through comprehensive GRC practices.

Who should attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

  • Risk management professionals seeking advanced techniques and tools.
  • Compliance officers and legal professionals handling regulatory matters.
  • Internal auditors looking to understand the broader context of GRC.
  • Any professional responsible for driving effective governance and risk culture

Course Outline

5 Day Course Outline

Course timings: Registration will be at 08:30 on day one with the course commencing promptly at 09:00am each day and concluding at 05:00pm. There will be two short breaks and an hour for lunch each day.

Overview of Risk

  • What is it?
  • Distinction between risks and issues
  • Commercial importance
  • Culture

Risk Management

  • Identification
  • Evaluation
  • Management
  • Reporting

Types of Risks

  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Legal/Regulatory
  • Strategic
  • Reputational
  • Project/transitional


  • Identification techniques
  • Importance of comprehensive approach
  • Dynamic not static subject
  • Horizon risks
  • Crisis management


  • Techniques
  • Empirical and intuitive
  • Probability and impact
  • Dangers of false assurance
  • True nature and longevity
  • Value of simple questions
  • Importance of challenging assumptions


  • Manageable risks
  • Accepted risks
  • External risks
  • Limitations of rules based approach
  • Industry best practice
  • Delegating responsibility to line managers
  • Legal position
  • Light touch, structured or hybrid
  • Three lines of defence model
  • Committee structure
  • Composition of committees – static, dynamic or a mixture
  • Ensuring structure operates as intended
  • Dealing with difficult members
  • Audit (internal and external)


  • Importance of good reporting
  • How to construct good reports
  • Understand what needs to be reported
  • Effectiveness of mitigation
  • Overview of effectiveness

Operational Risk

  • Overview and scope
  • Understanding of why management must be devolved
  • How to help non-Risk managers

Financial Risk

  • Understanding the importance and scope
  • How to engage with experts
  • How to understand reports
  • Importance of basic questions and answers
  • How to project trends
  • Stress testing/reverse stress testing

Legal/Regulatory Risk

  • Fundamentals of regulation
  • Strict liability including personal liability
  • Dealing with courts and regulators
  • Cost effective approach to issues

Strategic Risk

  • How to ensure that all the material risks are identified and understood
  • How to manage difficult messages to Executives and Board
  • Importance of reporting and recording
  • External factors which can affect strategy and how to deal with them
  • Importance of working through scenarios

Reputational Risk

  • Understand the relative importance to different organisations
  • Distinguish market and company risk
  • Learn management techniques to manage this risk

Corporate Governance

  • Meaning and importance
  • Commercial importance
  • Importance to Board, executives, shareholders, potential investors, regulators, politicians

Designing a Risk Framework

  • Presentational techniques
  • Escalation
  • Whistleblowing

Key Learnings

  • Culture
  • Simplicity
  • Proactivity
  • Quality of Reporting
  • Robust Oversight
  • Continual Re-evaluation

ACERM™ Examination*

*Only those who successfully complete the examination and participate effectively in the course case studies will receive the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Risk & Governance (ACERM™)

Your trainers

Meet your MasterClass Director:

Hazem Saeed

Hazem Saeed, MBA, CIPM, CPP, is a seasoned professional and international trainer with over 23 years of expertise in Strategy Development and Management, Procurement, Project Management, Supplier Management, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance. A fluent Arabic/English speaker he brings a wealth of diverse skills to the table.

In addition to his role as a strategic advisor, Hazem is an influential figure in the international consulting arena. He collaborates with renowned firms like GuidePoint, GLG, Allan Lloyds, and Emissary, where he serves as an advisory consultant, keynote speaker, and professional trainer. Hazem holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration earned in 2012 and has also earned esteemed certifications, including the Certified International Procurement Manager (CIPM) in 2015 and Certified Procurement Professional (CPP) in 2021 from the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM).

Throughout his career, Hazem has demonstrated a keen ability to lead and strategize, making him a sought-after expert trainer in the realms of governance, risk management, and compliance. His vision and management prowess have helped organizations navigate challenges and achieve their goals.

Accreditation benefits

BMTG AccreditationBmtg

  • All Business Management Training Group (BMTG) Ltd training courses are accredited and approved by Qualifi, under the UK Regulatory Framework.
  • The BMTG, portfolio of Learning Programmes, has been fully accredited by Qualifi, an official UK Government recognised awarding body.
  • In addition, Qualifi has approved BMTG as an Accredited Centre which reinforces our commitment to assuring the highest recognised Quality Standards in delivering and assessing Programmes internationally.
  • BMTG will continue to explore and evolve our accreditation framework to meet the demands of our Partners and delegates.

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Advanced Certificate in Compliance, Risk Management & Governance (ACCRG)

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