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What is Corporate Social Education

Corporate Social Education (“CSE”) re-imagines how we educate our workforce to become change agents in society.

It creates the bridge to address soft skill educational gaps that end up impacting the workplace and society as a whole. Examples are: life skills, leadership training, soft skills, emotional I.Q., creativity training etc.

The core principles of CSE lie in how we educate our employees and how they can transfer these skills to the community. It allows companies to tap into the unique asset of their skilled corporate talent within their existing structures.

Using the corporate workforce, CSE adds true value to the community by teaching these skills to 9 – 12 year old school children, while at the same time ensuring we are fulfilling the highest need of our employees: self-actualization. (Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs)

Every Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource training strategy should tool itself with a Corporate Social Education component.


By attending the CSE workshop you/your organization will:

  • Learn how to tap into the unique asset of skilled corporate talent within existing structures
  • Educate yourself and your employees on how these skills can be transferred to the community
  • Learn how to run a “train the trainer” series on soft skills such as life skills, leadership training, soft skills through mind mapping, brain-storming session and other kinesthetic experiences using the GLF curriculum
  • Immediately give back to the community through an site half-day teaching session
  • Get an introductory toolkit presentation in Design Thinking, Sustainability and Impact Measurement.
  • Develop an action plan and complete understanding of why a CSE component is critical to your CSR and HR platforms
  • Every company that signs up 6 employees gives the opportunity to 1 student from the UAE Higher Colleges of Technology (HCTs) to attend this seminar at no charge.
  • Feel how amazing it is to make an actual difference in society and to work for an organization that truly cares!

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Heads, Managers and Team Leaders)
  • Sustainability Managers
  • C  – Level Managers
  • Managing Directors
  • General Managers
  • Human Resources (Heads, Managers and Team Leaders)
  • Corporate Communications (Heads, Managers and Team Leaders)

PLUS! Everyone who wishes to become a true change agent in society!

Additional Courses

Additional two-day courses available under this CSE series will take place in 25

Sustainability And Impact Measurement In Real Life

This course will take you through the process of designing your own internal toolkits, curriculums and work plans for both the HR and CSR departments. Many of you will begin work on your own company projects in this course.

Design – Thinking Your Own Project

This course will explain in-depth sustainability as it relates to you the person and your company. You will learn how to calculate and implement various sustainability measures in your company in a transferable way (i.e. you will be developing material that will allow you to give back through your CSR platform).


“The sky is the limit when it comes to discovering one’s true potential. Thanks to you for provoking that thought in me.”
Al Futtaim Carillion – Dubai Chamber Give and Gain Day 2014

About the Growing Leaders Foundation (GLF)

About the Growing Leaders Foundation (GLF)

glf-side-bannerGLF is a non-donor dependent social enterprise focused on growing leaders in the MENA region and the Caribbean that has been growing leaders since 2010.

The Foundation custom designs (annually) experience -based interventions and curriculums in non-cognitive skill areas for the focus age group is 9-12 year olds. They also act as knowledge partners and license their materials to other NGOs and Social Enterprises educating youth and women. GLF mobilize their programs by training University students and Company employees through their Corporate Social EducationTM model to teach what they just taught them in their “you need to teach what you need to learn the most model”.

The Foundation maintains a network of highly skilled creative trainers and facilitators in the regions where it operates. Recently, the Foundation has partnered with INNOVERTO FZ LLC to offer a line of it’s CSE programs to the general public in the GCC region commencing in October 2014. Companies and Universities who participate in the Foundation’s programs include Repsol, Nestle, Mubadala Technologies, Gems Asian Schools, Abu Dhabi University, National Bank of Abu Dhabi etc.

Learn more at

“I really want to do this again. I am standing a little taller today as a leader!”
DLA Piper – Dubai Chamber Give and Gain Day 2014

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