The 8 Gems of Human Capital Business Partnering

  • GEM 1: Role of Strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) – Business Partnering
  • GEM 2: Establishing a Human Capital System (Policy and Procedures) – Leading and Managing Human Capital
  • GEM 3: Purpose and Process of Human Capital Planning – Quality Management and Continuous Improvement
  • GEM 4: Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection Process – Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Psychometric Tools
  • GEM 5: Organizational Testing, Training and Developing – Training Needs Analysis, Training Plan and Career Development
  • GEM 6: Talent Management and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Multi-skilling and Succession Planning
  • GEM 7: Strategic Performance Management – Psychology of Employee Behavior and Motivation
  • GEM 8: Strategic Compensation, Recognition, Reward Management and Retention of Assets

The 8 Gems of Human Capital Business Partnering (HCBP) is a program designed to train and empower candidates through a series of highly focused and practical Human Capital skills and competencies. The 8 Gems of HCBP series takes participants through the full Human Capital Management Cycle which allows them to achieve superior performance, sustainability and continuous improvement (by putting people first) for their organization. It also allows them to align and optimize the human capital with the business goals and business needs. The completion of all or any of the 8 workshops marks the advancement towards becoming a Human Capital Business Partner and developing a value-adding strategic business function that drives organizational performance. The workshops are practical, relevant and is taught by practitioners who share their experience and knowledge with the participants.

Each of the 8 Gems brings not only understanding on the conceptual level but offers first-hand applications in the practical skills for putting current Human Capital concepts to work in day-to-day activities. Human Capital Management has become strategic in attracting and retaining the skilled and talented people the organization needs for growth, prosperity and competitiveness. They are 3 day courses each and can be taken separately and in any particular order.


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