Executive Certificate in Advanced Management for Managers

Executive Certificate in Advanced Management for Managers


Course overview

Stepping up to management and a successful executive career takes a range of fresh skills, a richer understanding of organizational challenges and lessons in new levels of leadership. The Executive Certificate in Advanced Management for Managers is an immersive learning experience designed to help newly appointed or experienced managers develop and grow their management skills and knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing business environment. This dynamic program empowers practitioners to recharge and refine their management style on several levels and provides a clear overview of modern management frameworks that help managers raise their confidence levels and drive business performance.

Through a comprehensive curriculum that combines real-world case studies and other engaging activities with an experiential approach, participants will acquire deep insights and will build a universal set of management skills that will enhance their ability to achieve better business results. This is a unique opportunity to engage with fellow leaders from diverse industries and companies in dynamic sessions led by world-class faculty.

By the end of the program, participants will develop a personalized action plan for improving their managerial effectiveness so that they can implement what they learned as soon as they return to work. The program will also recharge and refine one’s personal management style for more effective management and leadership.

Learning methods

  • Interactive sessions delivered by world-class faculty are grounded in empirical studies and academic research to increase your awareness and effectiveness.
  • Case studies provide real-world examples that translate management theory into applicable skills.
  • Peer learning groups facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration to ensure you have a powerful experience that drives results.
  • Experiential learning deepens your insights into management, strategy and change, providing opportunities to reinforce new learning.
  • Feedback increases self-awareness and strengthens your capacity as a leader.
  • Reflection allows you to take time out, reflecting on your learnings in a broader context to identify issues and establish the way forward.

Program Highlights

Every session starts with concepts and fundamentals and then transitions into a case study based on real events. It is a chance to put those ideas into practice and engage with your peers. You test your analytical skills and arrive at important conclusions. This active learning builds methodology competency and confidence.

Your Benefits

By attending this exclusive (senior level) course, you will:

  • Analyze and understand the principal role as a manager and the basic functions of modern management.
  • Emerge with new frameworks to manage individuals, teams, and processes, and create a culture of high performance.
  • Develop a “management mindset” as a leader, motivator, problem solver and communicator.
  • Reinvent yourself during this transformation of the way you think, act, lead, manage and lead.
  • Explore management models and practices that you can immediately apply in your decision-making and management.
  • Develop your ability to flex your communication styles, depending on your audience, and learn to connect and build consensus.
  • Understand the importance of a management framework comprised of functional expertise, shared values, teamwork and ethical leadership.
  • Master the techniques and approaches to make decisions in complex situations, manage across units, and bring out the best from your team.

Who should attend?

Who should attend?

The Executive Certificate in Advanced Management for Managers is designed for motivated managers and professionals with experience in managing people, projects or processes, whether in the private, public or NGO sectors. Participants usually have job titles such as manager, director, project manager, and head of division or brand. Other professionals will benefit from the program if they have:

  • Moved from a position of functional expertise into a managerial role or will shortly do so.
  • Been in a managerial position for some time but need to refresh or upgrade their capabilities.
  • Already had a people management position for a number of years and they’re seeking to revitalize and redevelop their skills.

Titles include:

  • General Managers And Business Managers
  • Division Managers
  • Office Managers And Supervisors
  • Training, HR And Industrial Relations Specialists
  • Project Managers, Team Leaders And Supervisors
  • Branch Managers
  • Plant And Production Managers
  • Public Sector Directors Or Managers
  • Corporate Development Managers
  • Regional, National And International Managers

The NYIM Commitment

The NYIM Commitment

Unsurpassed Learning Environment
NYIM’s premier technology enables action-based learning that maximizes engagement and collaboration through awealth of features, proven instructional methodologies and pedagogies to improve learning outcomes.

Authoritative Faculty and Industry Experts
Our programs reputation rests largely on the talent of our program’s instructors. All our senior faculty are teaching at leading USA business schools with a minimum of over ten years of university and corporate education experience.

Rigor & Relevance = ROI²
We go beyond connecting theory to practice. We connect theory to your practice so you can become conversant in the latest thinking about how to lead a business and achieve meaningful and real results.

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