Business Games

Business Games


intro-gamesAre you looking for a Team Building Game to improve the performance of your team? Want your employees to not only know, but also experience the new business strategy, mission or vision? Want to teach new skills and make sure your team learn these new processes at first hand?

Many companies have successfully applied our business games within their organisation. Our games are innovative, interactive and fun!

During our business games, teams are conveyed to an attractive business world that serves as a metaphor for your own business context. The games represent a simulation of the real business world. By using a metaphor from reality, you create a ‘safe’ distance from the working environment for your employees, but you can still easily translate the ‘outcome’.

Why choose Innoverto and Business Games?

  • References from over 300+ clients (Philips, Exxon Mobile, ING, KPMG, PWC, Sony, Christian Dior, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank)
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Professional guidance
  • Unique concepts customized to your company


We have divided the games into 4 different categories:

Management Games about strategy, culture, mission, vision and change

  • The Nation Building Game: Strategy and Management
  • Project Management Game: Road to Perfection
  • Supply Chain/ Process Management: Air Planning
  • Change Management Game: Navigate for success

Team Building Games to enhance collaboration, communication and team performance

  • Negotiation and Communication Team Building Game: Topscorers & Teamplayers
  • Strategy/ Culture/ Leadership Teambuilding Game: Road to Success
  • Negotiation and Collaboration Teambuilding Game: Food For Thought

Games to train specific knowledge and skills

  • Data Quality and Information Transfer Game: The Connection
  • Banking Game: The Banker
  • Sales & Marketing Game: The Marketeer

Employer Branding Games: for recruitment and company information days

  • Onboarding Game: for new employees in your organisation
  • Recruitment Game
  • Assessment Game

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