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Driving Microsoft 365 Adoption through online training both instructor led training and storybased video tutorials.


Storyals Training Product provides organizations and their employees with continuous upskilling, right from within their own digital workplace. It gives users on-demand access to high-end, video-based learning, on all the powerful tools in Microsoft 365. The short, easily digestible courses, leverage the power of storytelling and highlight real-life scenarios, on how to use digital tools in everyday work tasks.

The learning content is continuously updated, tailored by field-leading experts and provides employees with best practices for how to effectively use tools and platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Planner, Whiteboard and many more. With Storyals, learning becomes effective, engaging and fun!

Key Features


Increase ROI

If not used efficiently, Office 365 becomes a cost instead of a valuable investment. Storyals provides immediate benefits by showing employees how to get the most of Office 365 and how to work smarter using the tools, enabling organizations to increase the return on their investment.


Inspire and Motivate

All tutorials are led by an inspiring coach with a contagious passion for technology and the value it can bring to peoples’ work day. With Storyals, organizations of all sizes can benefit from providing their employees with high-quality, engaging content with the sought-after “WOW!” effect, to drive adoption of Office 365.


Modernize Training

Traditional classroom training is costly and time-consuming. Storyals is a modern training alternative, designed for today’s YouTube savvy workforce that prefers to learn from field-leading experts at their own convenience. Storyals provides users with short, story-based tutorials that showcase how Office 365 can effectively be used.


Boost Productivity

Get summarized, educational tutorials to understand how to use the full potential of the product suite to work smarter and more efficiently.


Strengthen Brand Identity

To strengthen company brand identity Storyals can be customized to align with your corporate branding to make it a natural part of your internal communication. Storyals Premium enables customers to communicate their IT strategy more clearly and demonstrate executive sponsorship of change management programs for Office 365.

Topics covered

In an ultra-condensed fashion, Storyals provide employees at all levels, with the key knowledge needed to effectively utilize Office 365. We provide users with a guided journey through Office 365 via various topics, each designed to inspire, motivate, and boost productivity. These are our Office 365 adoption kit topics included in Storyals Lite and Storyals Pro.


Kick-start your Microsoft 365 / Office 365 usage

Using Microsoft 365 / Office 365

Are you launching Microsoft 365 / Office 365 within your organization? Have you been using Office 365 for a while, but not seen adequate productivity gains due to poor adoption? If so, this topic is the first step.


Work Smarter with Documents

Using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

To get the full value of Microsoft 365 / Office 365, saving documents to the cloud is a requirement. There are mainly two ways in which users can save documents to the cloud in Office 365, either using OneDrive for Business or SharePoint. This topic is intended for organizations that want to launch or help increase the effective usage of OneDrive for Business and SharePoint document libraries.


Take Control of your Inbox

Using Outlook and To Do

Even though Office 365 provides a wide range of different communication methods, email continues to be the primary tool for business communication for many organizations. In this topic, users will learn how to effectively use Outlook across devices in Microsoft 365 / Office 365 to take control of their inbox.


Get Organized

Using OneNote

All the digital information we are accumulating, that can be saved in the cloud and accessed from anywhere, is a great asset – but, if not organized properly, it can become a burden. In this topic, users will learn how to effectively use OneNote to organize notes, photos, receipts, tasks, and much more.


Tell Powerful Stories

Using Sway and PowerPoint

Office 365 provides numerous options for telling powerful stories. In this topic, users will learn how to effectively use new enhancements of PowerPoint to create eye-catching presentations and the new app Sway, to create visually appealing presentations online.


Enhance Teamwork

Using Teams and Planner

With Office 365, users have multiple options for working smarter together. In this topic, users will learn how to effectively use Teams to stay up to date on team conversations, share files and better focus their attention on areas of importance.

Microsoft 365 Mini Bootcamp Offer


Become a digital workplace champion in the “New Normal”

Welcome to this one-of a kind Microsoft 365 Mini Bootcamp

During the past few months organisations have had to adjust to new ways of working and communicating. More and more we are needing to improve our existing skills and also learn new office tools to make you and those that you support more effective and efficient.

Even as we emerge from the current crisis to the “New Normal” things are going to change and only those who have mastered the modern digital tools and platforms will survive and shine through.

Make sure that one of those is YOU!

Microsoft 365 holds the key to the modern workplace, now more than ever, but do YOU know how to reap the benefits and show your worth to your boss and colleagues?

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