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The Digital Retail Leadership Program with its world leading unique combination of rigor and relevance method, is spread over 2 weeks and promises an unparalelled educational experience that combines a balanced blend of immersive learning, interactions and application, including: live online lectures, engaging real-time case studies, current research, interactive session and action planning activities.

This cutting-edge program will help you re-examine and refine your thinking about what it means to be a growth-minded leader and will deep dive you into rethinking leadership in the new digitally enabled retail landscape.



The retail business landscape has changed dramatically and placed extraordinary demands on retail leaders. Thriving in today’s retail sector requires agility to keep up with the pace of change and shifting consumer preferences, unplanned disruptive forces, evolving business models and an explosion in product offerings.

The Digital Retail Leadership Program (DRLP) is a comprehensive journey to enable retail professionals to reinvent themselves for managing retail in a digital age and develop the skill-set required to drive the business forward in a world where the only constant is change.

This popular program takes a customer-centric approach to new retail. In a highly collaborative and interactive environment, our influential faculty provides fresh insights, best practices and real-world examples to understand the cohort of new customers who are digital natives and choose to buy where they want, when they want, not limited by location, point of sale, supplier, geography or price. This program will expose participants to learn not only about the strategic and tactical approaches to digital retail but also explore the evolving role of brick and mortar stores that are embedded in a digital ecosystem.

Authoritative Retail Faculty
DRLP is designed by world’s top retail faculty to equip participants with critical skills, relevant theory, tools and strategies to understand the shifting industry changes with confidence.
Rigor & Relevance = ROI2
The executive design of DRLP enables participants to become conversant in the latest thinking on how to activate and manage digital retail operations in order to achieve meaningful and real results.
Maximum Collaboration
Sharpen your problem solving skills through interactive case-study discussions and intensive small group sessions regardless of your location, schedule and current job responsibilities.

Program Benefits

  • Examine winning retail business models and platform-based competition.
  • Reflect on the impact of the disruptive industry changes in your organization.
  • Create, influence and accelerate deep positive organizational change.
  • Build and optimize a high performance cross-channel retail business model.
  • Master new financial and business metrics to manage retail, digital and wholesale channels.
  • Understand the digital consumer footprints and what makes them reach, click and stick.
  • Build solid skills and foundations to weather a riskier future retail landscape.

Who should attend

  • Retail leaders and executives who are in traditional management positions – of business units, brands and functions – who need to enable and leverage digital retail in their current business model
  • Highly motivated and high-potential retail and brand managers.
  • Retail professionals who are responsible for formulating digital strategy and aspire to drive the transformation agendas in their organizations
  • Leaders tasked to drive growth and expand digital and multi-channel product offerings
  • Retail executives preparing to advance to the next level or who are new to senior management


  • Retail Heads
  • Regional Heads
  • Marketing Heads
  • Finance Heads
  • Operations Directors
  • Brand Heads
  • Merchandising Heads
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Transformation Officers
  • Digital & eCommerce Heads
  • Digital Brand Managers
  • Mall Developers and Operators
  • Mall Regional Managers
  • Vice Presidents of Operations
  • Senior Leasing Executives
  • Shopping Centers Marketing Heads
  • Retail Human Resources Heads
  • Divisional Directors and Managers


A New Retail Reality

Navigating an Industry in Flux

  • How the Retail Industry Is Structured
  • What Retail Was and Is Becoming
  • New Shopping Realities

A New Mindset

Leading and Managing Retail in a Digital World

  • Retail Leadership in a Digital World
  • How Stores and eCommerce coexist
  • Managing Retail Transformation

Retails’ Endless Disruption

The Trust and Value Principles

  • New Retail Proposition
  • How to Compete in an Unforgiving Landscape
  • Building Superior Competitive Advantage

Kahn Retailing Success Matrix

  • Amazon and other Disruptor Strategies
  • Large Legacy Retailer Responses
  • Direct to Consumer Brand Strategies
  • Customer Experience Strategies

New Customer Decision Process

Changes in the Retail Environment

  • When and How Consumers Shop Today
  • When they Choose to Buy or Repurchase
  • Key Industry Changes Creating New Shopper Behavior

Impact of Visual Choice in New Retail

New Shopping Journey Goals

  • Changes in Visual Search
  • Visual Assortment: Too Much Choice? How to Manage
  • Perceived Variety vs Actual Variety

New Measures

Business performance in a Digital Retail

  • Digital Influence on Performance, Profitability, Cost Structure and Decision-Making
  • Financial and Operations Metrics
  • How traditional Retail Processes Transform


Managing Omni-channel

  • Strategies to Meet New Customer Expectations
  • Differentiate and Maximize Omni-Channel Customer Experience
  • Optimize Supply Chain and Distribution in Multiple Channels
  • Manage Omni-channel P&L & Business Drivers

Taking Action

Personal Change Commitment

  • Team Case Study Project
  • Synthesize Key Lessons and Insights into an Individualized Plan
  • Build an Action Plan to Become a Growth Minded Leader

Learning Experience

The Digital Retail Leadership Program includes live online teaching sessions, interactive discussions and integrated weekly activities, peer groups. assignments and experiential learning. The guided real world assignments featured in the program encourages participants to take newly acquired skills and apply them within the context of their actual jobs and organization.

Each module is released weekly, allowing a flexible but structured approach to learning. Every live lecture session starts with concepts and fundamentals and then transitions into a case study based on real events. It is a chance to put those ideas into practice and engage with your peers. You’ll be supported as you engage in individual activities and group discussions, ensuring this active learning builds skill development competency and confidence.


Upon completion of the Digital Retail Leadership Program, participants will be awarded the Certificate in Digital Retail Leadership from New York Institute of Management Executive Education. This certificate is a formal recognition of your continuous professional development and commitment in the digital retail leadership skills needed to succeed in the new retail landscape.


Program Format

6 Online Sessions
Team Based Projects
Peer Learning Discussions
Interactive Case Studies

Program Faculty

Barbara Kahn
Patty and Jay H. Baker
Professor of Marketing





Manoj Nakra
Faculty Director
Retail Programs





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