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Assess the wellbeing of your employees and learn about stress management, digital impact and future of work trends.



flow2thrive-imageAt the core, we’re all different.

A multitude of factors can impact both physical, mental wellbeing and cognitive performance. Few companies recognise this, which is why the now often applied ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ solutions to wellbeing, performance and behavioural change do not work and over 70% of wellbeing initiatives remain unused. Scientific principles can inform and guide us, but what we focus on needs to be individual and specific.

A balanced combination of factors will have the greatest impact.

Neuroscience has illustrated that several work and lifestyle factors can impact wellbeing and performance positively, or negatively. Our goal is to allow companies and individuals to explore what makes them thrive – physically, mentally and cognitively. Our corporate wellbeing methodology covers three areas and recognises a shared responsibility between employers and employees in taking action.

Mental Health Workshop


Mental Health Workshop for Companies

Workshop designed to kick-start conversation on the importance of mental health

New pressures presented by the pandemic have been layered on top of everyday workplace stressors. More people are battling increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression than ever before, negatively impacting Mental Health levels of workforces across the Middle East. Employers are starting to recognise the negative consequence of an unwell workforce, realizing that this is an issue that must be taken seriously, but that can be difficult to address.

One-hour (online) workshop, mental health data and report

This one-hour workshop is designed to kick start a conversation around the importance of taking mental health seriously, and to instill a sense of shared awareness, understanding and responsibility. After the workshop, employers will also receive a summary report highlighting mental health status, drivers for stress and ill-health as well as individual, team and organisational actions suggested by the participants, allowing leaders to reflect on the results and decide on necessary actions.

Who should attend?

The workshop is for leaders and employees at all levels within an organisation.

A highly interactive one-hour workshop, which blends information, statistics and neuroscience with polls, reflection time and discussion between participants.

The workshop is structured into three main sections:

  • 1Statistics, insights & science around mental health
  • 2Self & group reflection
  • 3Practical steps forward for better mental health

What one of our recent clients said:

“We had a fantastic session with Linda, very rich in information and very interactive. The feedback of the attendees has been very positive. They said that they usually get bored on webinars, but this one was completely different and that you have engaged them very well. Thank you also for the valuable data. It definitely sheds light on the core issues and will allow us to take relevant actions in the near future.”

Daniele El Khoury
HR Director Middle East & Turkey
ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Middle East

Meet your trainer

Linda is one of the pioneers in applying neuroscience-based methods and tools for human capital, cultural and behavioural change. With a personal ambition to inspire change at individual, organisational and societal level, she thrives on challenging conventional norms around how we think, work and live, to unleash often trapped and untapped individual and organisational potential.

She is the creator of the neuroscience-based flow²thrive methodology and index, aimed at optimising wellbeing and cognitive performance potential. She is also and experienced facilitator, host and speaker at events, trainings and awards in the Middle East & Europe.

Way of Working


Way of Working

How to optimise brain health, energy & performance through healthy & sustainable high performance habits.

A 2-hour neuroscience based workshop that will allow participants to take a deep dive into often deeply rooted and unhealthy work habits.

The first steps towards new healthy, sustainable working habits, fit for a digital world of work.

  • 1Establish a baseline for cognitive performance & key health indicators
  • 2Science basics: healthy, sustainable high performance habits
  • 3Identify, asses and reflect on own and collective working habits
  • 4Science basics: brain energy optimisation WOW multiplier model
  • 5Establish a baseline for cognitive performance & key health indicators
  • 6Nudge stacking staircase: develop plan of action for self and team

Way of Living


Way of Living

Empowering employees to make informed conscious choices around wellbeing, brain energy & performance.

A 2-hour neuroscience based workshop with the aim to help participants understand how they can feel, be and perform at their best.

In a world where our ways of living and working have been turned upside-down, we sometimes need to stop and reflect to redirect our focus and define new habits.

  • 1The case for change, why we need to care about wellbeing and brain health
  • 2Establishing our baseline: stress, emotions, physical and mental health
  • 3Measuring health and wellbeing: a dive into the world of wearables
  • 4Identifying and assessing our own ways of living
  • 5The science behind the flow²thrive Way of Living Multiplier Model
  • 6Nudge stacking staircase: develop plan of action for self and team

Wellbeing, Productivity & Performance

Optimising ways of working in a hybrid environment

A neuroscience-based approach Workshop Series

The dust of the hybrid work transition has settled! Yet, for many, pre-pandemic work issues remain.

Now is therefore the time to take the opportunity to re-define ways of working. To consciously shape new habits and norms. Habits which, backed up by neuroscience, can help individuals and teams alike to thrive; physically, mentally and cognitively.

A workshop series which engages, informs and involves.

You and your teams will:

  • Get a shared understanding, and a language to use for Way of Working going forward
  • Make changes that will have an immediate and long-term impact on their wellbeing, energy and productivity
  • Obtain a new set of KPIs to use for measuring and tracking habits and key wellbeing and productivity indicators
 At flow²thrive, we’ve developed a model that can help you optimise brain health, energy and performance – irrespective of where you work, or the type of work that you do. The model goes to the core of the human brain; what makes it thrive and work well. It includes habits which, backed up by neuroscience, will contribute towards brain health and cognitive performance potential. It will help you think about ways of working, your habits in a new, different way.
With a fundamental shift from time to brain energy optimisation, the model can serve as a starting point for addressing how you spend your time and energy, individually, or across a function/entire organisation.

Workshop Leaders


Linda Jarnhamn
Managing Partner

Linda is a human capital and change leader with a passion for applied neuroscience & for helping people reach their full potential.

With more than 17 years of global and Middle East experience as a HR Strategy/Transformation and Behavioural Change Consultant, she has worked for big-4 consulting firms, and as a HR Director for a strategy consulting firm.

She is now fully dedicated to take the methodology of flow²thrive to companies in the Middle East and Europe.

She has led and delivered large scale wellbeing, strategy and transformation projects and led teams of varying sizes and across multiple geographies, for e.g. EY, Schlumberger, BP, Shell, Lafarge Holcim, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum, Dragon Oil, Etisalat, The Executive Council Dubai, Thomson Reuters and The Royal Bank of Scotland, to name a few.



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