The Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Investment (ACREI™)

This intensive course offers property professionals and investors the opportunity to gain an insight into both the theory and practice of real estate investment. It looks at the nature and scale of real estate investment markets including the effect of cross-border transactions on the domestic market. As well as addressing technical concerns such as currency risk and taxation the course considers issues such as transparency and dealing with different cultural norms. What are the steps can you take to de-risk your investment? It will include case studies to provide an opportunity to apply the theory and to consider, with fellow participants, some of the practical problems faced when investing internationally.

A large amount of money has and will continue to be made in real estate investments. However, it is no secret that this industry has been hit hard by the global financial crisis and as a result it has become more and more difficult to maximise the opportunities out there. These challenges mean that real estate investment and financing has changed and still making investments compliant with Islamic financing is even tougher. It is crucial that investors keep up with the current market changes and challenges to ensure you can exploit the opportunities that are still out there.


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