Advanced Certificate in Project Management (ACPM) for Oil & Gas

Subsequent to many industry discussions, this course was developed to raise awareness amongst Project Managers about the ‘bigger picture’ of the Management world and in areas where perhaps they have not had any prior experience themselves, but need to know more. This course content has delighted and challenged delegates worldwide and it is a ‘flagship’ course for BMTG.  ACPM (Oil & Gas)tm  is industry specific, ensuring that the participant has an increased appreciation for project management issues across the board. There are too many ‘technical project management’ courses around, and not enough Management Courses :- ACPM (Oil & Gas) addresses this need. Senior Management spends time on a number of very important corporate issues; issues that lower level staff may often not be aware of. Project Managers need to ‘bridge the gap’ between Senior Management and lower level staff. You must have the confidence that you understand the ‘language’ that both levels in the hierarchy are talking, and to have confidence that you have the ‘big picture’ view on the organisation as well as the detailed picture of your project and its contribution.

ACPM (Oil & Gas)tm  deals with all of these issues and provides a framework to increase personal abilities and management skills in an organisational and project environment. ACPM (Oil & Gas)tm  is toolset and methodology independent and the skills and techniques you will learn and demonstrate from this course will prove to be invaluable to you regardless of the toolsets or methodologies utilised by your organisation.

ACPM (Oil & Gas)tm  will teach delegates advanced techniques for identifying, dealing with and communicating with Stakeholders; techniques for identifying and mitigating risks and issues; advanced communication techniques; ACPM (Oil & Gas)tm  also teaches advanced techniques which help project managers become more situationally aware and able to predict and prevent problems before they occur; techniques to recruit and select the best people for your project team, and how to deal with imperfect team structures that you may inherit and additionally, ACPM (Oil & Gas)tm  will guide you through the complexities of Personality Profiling and how you can use this enhanced awareness to communicate and manage more effectively.


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