Business Planning (Strategic Planning) – Innovation in Meeting Objectives

The success of any organization comes down to making decisions systematically that are productive for years after the decision is made.  Therefore, strategic business planning is an approach to examining multiple options, choosing the best, and sustaining long-term and short-term decisions that are effective over the time span chosen to be effective.  In essence, each decision is part of an integrated unified plan of action, the Strategic Plan.

Strategic planning is about answering the question: “What should our business be”?  But, to assess this question, one has to examine other questions like “What is our business”, “What will it be” and “What should it be”? The immediate impact of a strategic plan is that it becomes immediate work and organization commitment to achieve that work in the business plan.

This course will cover cutting edge strategies essential in driving value innovation and demand creation along with the complementary – competitive strategies – that have to be considered in today’s business environment. You will acquire the skills needed is strategic decision-making in the context of an operational business planning environment.


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