Certificate in Business Skills for Middle Managers (CBSMM™)

Today’s business world is complex and fast moving. The course will give you an insight into your areas of strength and weakness and will provide you with a route map of how to grow as a manager. You may already have management responsibilities for a business unit, department or team. You may be seeking the skills to make this move to a management position. You will have demonstrated capability in your chosen skill area. But, has anyone given you the core training that you need to be an ‘effective manager.’ capable of delivering bottom-line business results? Many organizations assume that these critical managerial skills will be acquired through on the job experience, or are perhaps an integral skill set within any manager. However, the reality is usually quite different. Today’s managers require a diverse and technically challenging set of business skills, over and above their own functional specialty. As countries seek to develop their own local talent markets, there is increased pressure to find, recruit and develop people with the right skills. The course covers separate modules, each with best of breed examples of techniques and illustrations from successful organizations. This course will equip you with those essential skills.


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