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While marketing remains critical to organizational performance, game-changing technologies, increasingly sophisticated customers, and a growing field of global competitors have redefined how products and services are developed, marketed, and sold. To succeed amidst this endless disruption, marketers must reevaluate traditional approaches and embrace new tactics for breaking through, creating value, and achieving sustainability.

This program offers new perspectives into the marketing discipline as well as a framework that presents marketing as value creating process. Led by thought-leading faculty, each highly focused learning experience features fresh insights, groundbreaking practices, interactive discussions, and real-world case studies.

By participating in this high profile Certificate Program, participants are making a commitment to build their professional reputation.

To earn a Marketing Management Certificate, candidates must complete the following four (4) courses:

  • Marketing Essentials
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Brand Strategy and Management
  • Sales and Marketing Information Management

MKT 517: Marketing Essentials (Four 3-hour sessions)

This program is designed with both the Non-Marketing Professional and the more experienced Marketing Executive with no formal marketing education in mind. Participants will be able to understand the role that marketing plays in the overall business performance, make informed business decisions, set their department’s marketing agenda, connect key marketing strategies with other areas of the business, create the components of a well-defined marketing strategy and expand their knowledge to the latest marketing tools and thought processes.

MKT 567: Strategic Marketing Management (Four 3-hour sessions)

The SMM program provides a comprehensive examination of the major components of marketing strategy and their integration. The curriculum give participants the opportunity to actively study the concepts that are critical to building the winning strategies that help garner market leadership. Most importantly, this program offers a framework for market definition and evolution that will help executives to incorporate learned concepts into a coherent and comprehensive strategy and action plan.

MKT 537: Sales & Marketing Information Management (Four 3-hour sessions)

The SMIM program explores the relationship between Marketing and Sales in a sales-based distribution model; the distinction between using data in Business–to-Consumer and Business-to-Business sales, with emphasis on B-to-B; the value of information in the sales process, as a critical internal link and lever in effective Customer engagement; the different data used working with prospects and current customers; the heightened requirement for using data when marketing to small or volume-oriented businesses; data used in inside sales, face-to-face and multi-channel hybrid selling models; the value and use of 3rd party information such as D&B or other external data; an understanding of the critical technical enablers for managing and using data in Sales.

MKT 547: Brand Strategy & Management (Four 3-hour sessions)

This program is designed to expand practitioner’s marketing skills and understanding of specific brand related topics and the role that brand management plays in integrated marketing. Accordingly, this program is organized around key product and brand management decisions. It is structured in a narrative process that takes participants on a journey from design and development to execution and measurement.

Your Benefits

By completing this high profile Certificate Program, participants will be able to:

  • Create a foundation for marketing success by segmenting the market, assessing competitors, and positioning products.
  • Explore basic concepts, principles and activities involved in contemporary marketing.
  • Learn major tactics and tools to facilitate the management of effective marketing plans.
  • Define, position, and measure their forward effectiveness within their organizations.
  • Create and grow dynamic, robust brands that attract loyal customers.

Who should attend?

Who should attend?

The Certificate in Marketing Management is designed for executives with, or about to take up, marketing responsibilities and those professionals outside the marketing discipline whose role interacts with this function. It is also well suited for individuals who desire to enter the marketing function and learn about developing contemporary marketing strategies to drive their company and industry forward. Typical titles include:

  • Marketing Director and Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Director of Operations
  • Business Intelligence Managers
  • Strategy Managers
  • Marketing Managers and Brand Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Finance Managers/Analysts
  • Plus anyone interested in entering the marketing function

Head of Faculty

Ken Demma

Head of Faculty: Ken Demma 

Ken Demma has been a Marketing leader for over 25 years, exploring and mining the intersection of Customer strategy, data, and analytics in delivering on a customer-centric Marketing vision; delivering the benefits of increased Customer knowledge, loyalty, and Marketing optimization.

Ken teaches Marketing and Customer Management at the Babson College MBA program in Boston. Babson College has been consistently ranked No. 1 in entrepreneurship education by U.S. News & World Report for the past 20 years, and a Top 50 MBA Business School in the US. In 2013, Babson’s Executive Education ranked #3 in the US and #7 in the world for custom programs by The Financial Times.

Currently, Ken leads Insight Driven Marketing at SAP, a global leader in enterprise software, serving Customer around the world; previously, he has held executive roles at American Express, Fidelity Investments, US West, iXL and several consulting firms.

He has authored numerous articles including: Determining Dimensions—Marketing Investments Often Bear No Relation to Results, and The New Learning Curve—Advanced Knowledge Helps Companies’ Success in Hyper Competitive Markets, and has contributed to numerous books, including High Performance Marketing (Eechambadi) and Analytics at Work (Davenport/Harris/Morison). He speaks often on the topics of Marketing Strategy, Business Intelligence, Marketing Effectiveness and Measurement & Analytics, and has been a contributor to current research on Marketing Mix Optimization (Forrester Research) and Big Data Analytics in Marketing (IDC).

Ken holds an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business, a BA in Economics from New York University, a certificate in Leadership in Professional Services Firms from Harvard Business School and a certificate in Direct Marketing from NYU.

He is on the faculty of the International Institute for Analytics, and has been an active member of Association of National Advertisers (ANA), Business Analytics Concours, Marketing Leadership Council, CMO Council, and is an advisor to numerous small businesses.

What’s Included

What’s Included

Access Courses Anywhere, Anytime

All learning materials, assessments, study support and work-based activity are delivered entirely online.

Up to 65 hours of online CPD

This does not mean you spend all 65 hours in front of the computer, some of this time will allow you the opportunity to reflect on the course materials and relate your learning to your workplace.

Dedicated and authoritative faculty

This certificate is designed and developed by thought-leading faculty and industry experts. All our senior faculty are teaching at Leading Business Schools with a minimum of over ten years of university and corporate education experience.

Comprehensive learner support

An expert learning adviser can clarify study materials, answer questions and help you relate each course to your specific needs.

A certificate of completion

Upon successful submission of your program, you will receive a certificate that can be used as evidence of CPD for your employer or professional body; it details the number of hours you have studied and the learning outcomes you have completed.

The strong link between our programs and your work practice creates relevant, enduring and transferable learning outcomes. It requires no more than 20 hours of your time in total to complete each course over a period of five weeks. But the learning is far richer than more expensive executive education workshops.



Higher Quality Education

We develop our programs with a focus on the fusion of theory and practice. Practitioners learn more than just concepts; they learn how to apply those concepts to real-world work situations. The NYIM curriculum is designed around industry standards and expectations for professionals in each field of study. Students learn by participating in live classroom sessions, watching video lectures, doing reflections and collaborating with other participants

Flexible and Accessible

Studying with NYIM puts you in control. We provide access to robust online executive education programs that enable flexible scheduling and logistics to meet the needs of our students. All our courses are self-paced but instructor facilitated and you can study whenever and wherever you like without compromising on quality. Each program is carefully designed to foster collaboration, interaction and networking among participants and faculty members.

Effective Program Format

NYIM courses are designed to run for five/six weeks. Each week there is a scheduled live classroom session of 45 minutes lecture and 30 minutes of reflections and group discussions. Throughout each course there are rich opportunities for practitioners to connect, share experiences and best practices, discuss on-the-job application, raise questions and pose ideas for optimal course of action

Practical and Relevant

Theoretical knowledge is essential, but there’s also no substitute for applied skills. We draw upon the experience of thought-leading faculty and use real-life scenarios, providing you with practical skills that you can employ in the workplace. Students are immersed in an engaging and collaborative learning process that enforces them to build dynamic relationships with other participants online that will continue to stay active beyond each program.

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