Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTM™)

The ground breaking, globally recognised, Certified Training Program for the modern-day procurement and sales professionals.

  • Dates: 09, December 2024 - 12, December 2024
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
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Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTMTM)

In the modern fast-paced commercial world where time and money are of the essence, there is high demand for the specialist skills and expertise required to run effective Bid and Tender Management processes. This intensive and interactive certified course provides delegates with the skills and expertise required in these areas to enable them to create real value for their organisations.

The Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTMTM) is designed to provide delegates with the ability to operate effectively in the modern demanding commercial environment and to position themselves as indispensable assets to their organisations during any Bid and Tender process.

The Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTMTM) looks at the Bid and Tender process from both a buyer and a supplier perspective, covering both the writing and issuing of Invitations to Tender and the writing and submitting of Bids in response. As value needs to be created on both sides of the equation for contracts to be successful, there will be an emphasis on understanding the market from both the buying and selling point of view, ensuring that needs are clearly specified in the ITT and that suppliers can meet these needs.

In addition to a detailed exploration of the bidding and tendering processes, the course includes sessions on vital soft skills such as communication, stakeholder management and persuasion. It will also discuss the challenges involved in the strategic yet practical development of sound, ethical working relationships and in the art of negotiation.

There are numerous case studies and practical exercises for delegates to help cement learning. Questioning is encouraged and there will be plenty of discussion allowing participants to share their own experiences, thoughts and ideas. Each delegate will receive full course notes and a set of templates and other materials that they can take back to use in their own organisation.

The Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTMTM) complements the other popular BMTG certified courses such as the Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement (ACSP™) and the Certificate in Contract Development, Negotiation & Management (CCDNM™).

“Highly recommended, great instructor who was highly knowledgeable. He made the course seem easy and fun, and his tips can be easily implemented. The course is very straightforward and comprehensive and covers all the basics of our business. Excellent class!”

Julia Samotiy


Benefits of attending

By attending this course you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Understand what bidding and tendering is all about
  • Ascertain real needs, document requirements and write specifications
  • Analyse the supply markets using a number of tools
  • Identify potential suppliers and potential customers
  • Understand how to tender and how to bid
  • Know what makes both a good ITT (Invitation to Tender) and a good bid
  • Know the rules, regulations and guidelines to follow in bidding and tendering
  • Publish tenders that can attract and appoint the best supplier
  • Distinguish their bids from the competition – for the right reasons
  • Win more contracts
  • Avoid corruption in all its forms
  • Use e-tendering tools
  • Improve their communication, stakeholder management and negotiation skills

Who should attend?

  • Procurement Directors / Procurement Managers
  • Buyers / Senior Buyers
  • Supplier Managers / Supply Chain Consultants
  • Sales Directors / Sales Managers
  • Business Development Managers /Client Managers
  • Technical Sales Managers / Bid Team Leaders
  • Business Owners / Executive Directors / Managing Directors / General Managers
  • Operations Directors / Operations Managers
  • Finance Directors / Finance Managers
  • Project Directors / Project Managers / Project Engineers

PLUS, anyone else who is interested in ensuring that the bid and tender process works well in their organisation – matching the right suppliers to the right customers and ensuring value is created on both sides.

Your trainer

Meet your course director:

PatrickPatrick Woods, BS, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., CPIM

Patrick is an international training consultant and adjunct professor, specializing in Business Administration, Project Management, Management Development, Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement and Contracts.

He brings 36 years of experience working in Senior Management positions for Fortune 100 corporations and based on his leadership of a multi-national team for Emerson Worldwide, a global technology and manufacturing company, was recognized by the CEO as the: “team of the year”. For the past 20 years, as the Founder of Supply Chain Education, Patrick has worked with over 300 firms based in 30 countries located primarily in the USA, the Middle East, Africa and Central America.

In collaboration with Missouri State University, USA, Patrick has delivered training which includes: leadership fundamentals, how to move from a tactical cost function to a strategic profit function and risk/cost management. His delivery style is: “Edutainment” where he blends best practices with a gentle dab of humor and as a result, he has won outstanding evaluations from major manufacturing to service to government organizations, including to NGOs in warn-torn countries. He divides his time between the USA (Texas) and Central America (Costa Rica).


The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) – Accredited Certification

International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM)

The Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTM™) is certified, through independent assessment and accreditation, by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) PAS Standard. The accredited certificate reinforces our commitment to assuring the highest recognised Quality Standards in delivering and assessing Programmes internationally.

The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) is the union of 48 National and Regional Purchasing Associations worldwide. Within this circle, about 250,000 Purchasing Professionals can be reached. IFPSM facilitates the development and distribution of knowledge to elevate and advance the procurement profession, thus favorably impacting the standard of living of citizens worldwide through improved business practices. The term procurement is taken to embrace purchasing, materials management, logistics, supply chain management and strategic sourcing. Read more on:

The following Procurement and Supply Chain programs offered by Innoverto Training are certified by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM).

This is an unique achievement with BMTG (UK) Ltd being the only organisation in the world, to have achieved this success, with five programs being accredited.

CPD standards Accreditation

Accredited by the prestigious CPD Standards Office.

CDP=AcceditedAny delegate who attends this Accredited course may be issued with a CPD Certificate of Attendance* upon request, which they can use within their formal CPD record for a professional body, institute, or employer. The CPD Standards Office accreditation services works in partnership with the Training Journal and the CPD Institute supporting all forms of professional development and CPD schemes globally and has an increasingly international reputation as the strongest currency in professional development. CPD  extends across the globe and is undertaken in most countries. The CPD Certificate of Attendance is issued in soft copy only and contains the applicable CPD credits for each course.

British Council Certificate Validation

ft-british-councilThe British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide and has offices in more than 100 countries and territories and are active in many more. The British Council provides access to the UK’s assets (language, arts, education and society), especially in big and emerging markets, as well as opportunities for millions of people to engage in global dialogue.

For information on The British Council in your country please refer to:

The British Council in your country can validate the authenticity of your certificate to confirm that the issuing institution is an accredited one in the UK. This gives you, as a successful BMTG delegate, the added security that your qualification is accredited not only by Qualifi, under the UK Regulatory Framework, but also validated by a prestigious representative body like The British Council.

If you would like to have your certificate validated by the British Council, please let us know by emailing and include details of your course (eg dates, location, qualification and certificate number) and we will advise you of the process.

Course Schedule and Presentation

HOW ACBTMTM will be delivered

The ACBTMTM program combines theory and practice. We use team exercises to illustrate how the techniques presented can be applied in a working environment.

The purpose is to use a mix of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

The delivery will be facilitated on our own browser-based e-learning platform, and presented through a combination of live “online” workshops and tutorials, interactive exercises, video case-presentations and assessments. Delegates will need access to a PC or laptop with either headphones/speakers and microphone and have access to remote meeting tools in order that they can work together.

Delegates are assumed to be either working from home or, if within the office environment, located in a quiet and separate training room. Having multiple delegates in the same room is acceptable. This program is not conducive to desktop learning where delegates are prone to interruptions and/or distractions.

Additional tutor support will be provided through a combination of email mentoring and facilitated class online discussions.

Course Outline

Module 1
Introduction to bids and tendering

  • What is Bidding and Tendering all about?
  • What makes a good Invitation to Tender (ITT)?
  • What makes a good Bid?
  • Why is it important?
Module 2
Understanding the procurement cycle
  • The procurement lifecycle from A to Z
  • It all starts here – identifying the need and writing the specification
  • Strategic Sourcing – key to choosing the right supplier
  • P2P (Purchase to Pay)
Module 3
Stakeholder Management
  • Stakeholder mapping – who do we need to involve?
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Involving the stakeholders
  • Communicating with the stakeholders
Module 4
Identifying the need
  • Business alignment and cross-functional working is key
  • Baselining – where are we now, and where do we want to be?
  • Gathering requirements
  • Needs – not wants
Module 5
Markets, customers and suppliers
  • Analysing markets – Porter’s Five Forces and other tools
  • How do buyers look at suppliers?
  • How do suppliers look at customers?
  • Finding the match – the right supplier for the right customer
Module 6
Writing the specification
  • From requirements to a specification
  • What makes a good specification?
  • What should and shouldn’t it include
  • Output- and outcome-based specifications
Module 7
The tendering process
  • The tendering process from A to Z
  • Fairness and transparency – avoiding corruption in all its forms
  • Awarding the contract – with an emphasis on value
  • Giving feedback to the bidders
Module 8
Putting together the Invitation to Tender (ITT)
  • What’s in a name – ITT, RFP, RFQ and PQQ explained
  • Who does what? – good organisation is key to success
  • Contents of a good ITT
  • Starting with the end in mind – good evaluation criteria
Module 9
Understanding the sales cycle
  • The sales lifecycle from A to Z
  • Approaching the prospect
  • Writing and presenting the bid
  • Handling objections and closing the sale
Module 10
The bidding process
  • The bidding process from A to Z
  • To bid or not to bid – the bid /no-bid decision
  • Writing, reviewing and submitting the bid
  • Getting the response you want
Module 11
Putting together the bid
  • What’s in a name – is this an ITT, or a PQQ, or something else?
  • Who does what? – good organisation is key to success
  • Contents of a good bid
  • It’s all about winning!
Module 12
Bid evaluation
  • Longlisting and shortlisting
  • Bid evaluation techniques – informal and formal
  • Weighting and scoring – keep it simple!
  • Looking for value – all the time
Module 13
  • What is e-tendering and how does it work?
  • E-auctions
  • The E-RFx
  • Responding to an e-tender
Module 14
Soft skills for procurement and bid-writing professionals
  • Communication skills for bidding and tendering
  • Persuasion as a key selling skill
  • Engagement and motivation
  • The art of negotiation

The program will include a series of group exercises, and case studies with a high level of delegate interaction.

ACBTMTM Examination – Only those who successfully complete the examination and participate effectively in the program case studies will receive the Advanced Certificate award.

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  • Early Bird Pricing
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Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTM™)

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  • Course Code
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