Change Management for Information Technology

Change today has taken on many faces. There many changes that are impacting those in management today, such as organizational, technological, economic, social, managerial and many other changes. Information technology is impacted by all of these changes and must deal with them on a daily basis.  Management is much more than just supervising or administering a group of people or projects.  It is the focal point of enterprise transformation success and the point where new technology, management techniques, disciplines and tools are expected to achieve results.  The ranks of middle managers and corresponding support professionals are being slowly changed and reduced, increasing the load on the remaining managers.

This one-day course identifies the drivers of change the manager must deal with, how they impact the IT function and what managers can do about them. The structure of the course revolves around lectures key skill-building exercises.  The interchange of ideas among attendees provides a rich source for people to compare their experiences and company change management policies. This course is also useful to those who are about to enter the management ranks or are interested in understanding how to deal with change in their companies.

Who should attend:  New Managers, Existing Managers updating their skills, Professionals, Business Analysts and Business Architects.


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