• What Is An Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?
    • Entrepreneurial Fundraising From Your Bedroom.
    • Rapid Growth Aided by “Bitcoin Whales” and Community Support
    • Let’s Do It: Create and Promote The Curiositas Coin In Five Minutes
  • The Technology Behind A Token
  • The Underlying Economics
    • Utility vs Investment
    • Issuer (Centralised) vs Network (Decentralised)
  • The Legal Position
    • ICOs – Where Do They All Come From
    • The Crypto-Valley Of Zug, Switzerland And Other Crypto-Havens
    • Review Of An ICO “White Paper”.
    • What Are The Legal Rights Of Token-holders? (Spoiler: Hardly Any)
  • The Regulatory Response From The US, UK, China, And Switzerland.
  • The UAE Position
  • Dubai Financial Services (DFSA) Recommendation
  • Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) Recommendation
  • Tales From the Crypto
    • The Case of DAO – “Venture Capital Without The Capitalists?”
    • The Case of Tezos: What Do You Do When You Ask US$20m For Your Product Development And They Give You $!$#$230m? w
    • Dogecoin – A Dog Meme With A Market Cap Of $234m, The “Paris Hilton” Coin, The “Useless Ethereum Coin” And Other Joke Coins.
    • The Guy Who Tokenised Himself
    • Humanitarian ICOs: UNICEF Plan To Launch “Donercoin”
  • ICOs/Cryptocurrencies In The UAE – A Financial And Legal Review
    • OneGram: “Gold Backed – Sharia Compliant Token”
    • Esanjo: “Tokenization” of Real Estate Management
    • “Rock Ventures Dubai” Crypto-VC Fund
    • The Royal Kingdom Coin
    • Farad Cryptoken
    • Afterschool ICO
    • The Baroness Bitcoin and Dubai Real Estate Transactions in Bitcoin


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