Data Governance, GDPR and Data Security


Taming the lion and aligning GDPR, Data Governance and Regulation

Managers hear the hoof beats of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) bearing down on them. In May of 2018, the regulations go into effect. Are you prepared? Is your business and data governance, risk and compliance tuned to responding? What action should be in play now to line up with the regulations? To what degree do regulations influence strategy? Operations? IT? Other parts of the Organization?

GDPR impacts all levels of the organization including staff performance and preparation, IT systems, databases, processes, policies, procedures and many other organization components that elude awareness and anticipation of change.

There is more to responding to the regulation than just compliance. Organizations must take into account the new security needs including the cyber forensics that are key to identify intruders as well as the vast requirement on data governance that this implies.

Meeting the data threats today requires a combination of skills and expertise. Responding to new regulations on data privacy implies the integration of several capabilities such as:

  • Understanding regulations and how to respond
  • Implementing an effective data governance capability
  • Dealing with attempts to breach your data

Benefits of attending

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply analytics to assess GDPR impact
  • Understand the core components of GDPR
  • Select data governance approaches that best fir organization compliance needs
  • Distinguish strategic impact and operational impact of GDPR
  • Analyze the metrics to produce the most likely successful direction to take
  • Describe the need for GDPR planning
  • Explain the difference between cyber security and cyber forensics
  • Efficiently analyze the data governance needs for customer privacy focus
  • Explain why data governance is critical to GDPR
  • Demonstrate how to get added value from the GDPR efforts
  • Describe how risk and other metrics context provides a useful measure of risk and change for improvement.

Who should attend

Who should attend

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Auditors
  • Business Planners
  • Strategic Planning Specialists
  • Performance Analysts
  • IT Managers
  • Business Analysts.

Your trainer

Meet your expert course trainer: Frank Kowalkowski

Frank KowalkowskiFrank Kowalkowski is President of Knowledge Consultants, Inc., a firm focusing on business performance, business/IT architecture and business analytical techniques. He has over 30 years of management and consulting experience in a wide variety of industries. He has been involved with many projects including business analysis, process management, business performance measurement, business and competitive intelligence and knowledge management.

In addition to being a keynote speaker at international conferences as well as a conference chair, he has written numerous papers and spoken at conferences on a variety of subjects. He conducts frequent seminars nationally and internationally on a variety of business management and information technology topics. He is the author of a 1996 book on Enterprise Analysis (Prentice – Hall, ISBN 0-13-282-3365) and numerous papers.

Frank is currently working on a new book titled ‘End to End Architecture (E2EA)’ and a new edition of the enterprise analysis book. His most recent publication is a featured chapter in the business architecture book titled ‘Business and Dynamic Change’ June, 2015 and a chapter on semantic process analytics in the book Passports to Success in BPM published in 2014, both are available on Amazon.

About KCI

Knowledge Consultants. Inc. (KCI)


Knowledge Consultants, Inc. is a professional services firm founded in 1984. KCI provides consulting and professional education services. With over 50 courses taught worldwide, KCI provides the opportunity to develop core strengths in the following certification areas:

  • Process Management
  • IT Management
  • Business Performance Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Analytical Techniques for Business
  • Business and IT Architecture

KCI has expanded its training and consulting efforts internationally into Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. KCI has an outstanding list of current and past clients including many of the Fortune’s 100 companies.

Consulting focuses on the key areas of Business Performance Management, Process Management, Business and IT Architecture, Business Analysis, Using Analytic Techniques for Performance Improvement and IT Management.

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