Innovation & Creativity

In our turbulent times, creativity and innovation increasingly constitute not only a way to facilitate growth, but a virtual precondition for survival of companies, organizations and even of states! However, companies usually focus their efforts exclusively within the area of product and service development. Although this direct effort is important and adds value (since it focuses on bottom line results), at the same time it neglects powerful indirect leverage opportunities, such as differentiating business models and internal organization.

Furthermore, obstacles of becoming innovative are usually identified in in individual employees’’ personality traits, while underlying reasons are frequently corporate systemic structures, policies and procedures.

The aim of this practical course is to open up new horizons about areas where creativity and innovation can potentially be applied on, identify personal and corporate obstacles on how to overcome them all the while demonstrating how an overall creative and innovative organization can ensure its sustainable growth. Attendees will learn methodologies that can be readily applied to the workplace.

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