Finance – “Radically lowering the cost of trust”

  • R3 Corda
  • Digital Identity and Avoiding “Double Spend”
  • ENBD Launches “Cheque Chain”
  • Clearing and Instant Settlement: Achieving T+0
  • The Digital Hawala: Ripple’s Inter-Ledger Protocol
  • Ripple’s Adoption By RAKBANK and First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)
  • Supply Chain Finance: IBM and Maersk Want to Eliminate the “200 interactions” Required To Ship a Container of Flowers
  • Thomson Reuters’ “Oracle”: BloqOne IQ
  • Sovereign Interest – Cryptocurrencies pegged to the fiat
    • emCash: The Digital Currency Under Development By Emcredit (Dubai Economy).
    • Project Ubin: Singapore Central Bank Uses Ethereum To Digitise National Currency.
    • The J-Coin For Tokyo Olympics 2020
    • Crypto-Rouble
    • IMF
  • Would The Greeks Have Abandoned The Euro Had Cryptocurrencies Existed In 2015?


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