BALINCA™ Pro – Financial Awareness for Managers



A one-day immersive business simulation

Understand and make connections between your role and the company’s financial success.

You will manage a fictitious company and assess its financial health. Create the company’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow. Experience turning the company around through applying strategies that you and your team create.

Course Objectives

Feel the rush, immerse yourself in a unique experience where finance meets intuition. Build your financial “gut-feeling”

Learn the KPIs necessary to assess the health of any business. This workshop is intensive and the outcomes are:

  • Understand every item of BALance sheets, INcome statements, and CAsh flows
  • Connect the dots between business strategy and financial performance
  • Enhance knowledge of the fundamental KPIs
  • Experience the impact of asset optimisation
  • Develop the ability to assess the financial health of any business

Who should Attend

What should experience this workshop

  • Non-finance managers, entrepreneurs who want to learn finance in an intuitive practical way.
  • Educators who wish to transform the way finance is taught.
  • Government officials who wish to apply “businessman’s” mentality.

Course Facilitator

Meet the trainer

Shereen Tawfiq

Shereen is no stranger to firsts. She was one of the first Saudi women to work in banking, back when women and men were not allowed to mix at work.

Her passion for real-world financial analysis led her to be the go-to person in her department for anyone wanting a crash course in accounting.

She was also the first Saudi woman to gain an MBA from Wharton and has acted as an advisor to the Ministry for Economy and Planning in Saudi, where she helped to embed an entrepreneurial and venture capital culture within the country.

Her experiences have forged her purpose, which is to empower women anywhere in the world to be skilled and confident in money matters.

Shereen is fluent in Arabic and English.



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