Inventory and Warehouse Management


Inventory and warehouse management involves maintaining inventory levels in a manner that aligns with the business strategy and goals, supporting the coordination of supply and demand, while protecting inventory value.

Warehouse management also entails the movement of materials and goods into and out of storage efficiently, safely, and with minimal inventory damage. As business practices and technology evolve, inventory and warehouse management must adapt to new distribution channels and customer/consumer expectations by creating new processes that deliver the desired results.

This will focus on the following five subpoints:

A. Inventory Management in Logistics
B. Inventory Management Methods
C. Inventory Control
D. Warehousing Strategy and Management
E. Packing and Materials Handling

Meet your course director:

PatrickPatrick Woods, BS, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., CPIM

Patrick is an international training consultant and adjunct professor, specializing in Business Administration, Project Management, Management Development, Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement and Contracts.

He brings 36 years of experience working in Senior Management positions for Fortune 100 corporations and based on his leadership of a multi-national team for Emerson Worldwide, a global technology and manufacturing company, was recognized by the CEO as the: “team of the year”. For the past 20 years, as the Founder of Supply Chain Education, Patrick has worked with over 300 firms based in 30 countries located primarily in the USA, the Middle East, Africa and Central America.

In collaboration with Missouri State University, USA, Patrick has delivered training which includes: leadership fundamentals, how to move from a tactical cost function to a strategic profit function and risk/cost management. His delivery style is: “Edutainment” where he blends best practices with a gentle dab of humor and as a result, he has won outstanding evaluations from major manufacturing to service to government organizations, including to NGOs in warn-torn countries. He divides his time between the USA (Texas) and Central America (Costa Rica).


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