Integral Leadership

Explore new models for Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, as well as Presentation and Body Language skills


Integral Leadership

The concept of Modelling is at the roots and heart of this training programme. We now have the tools to enable us to discover how someone does something and even to be able to replicate it. With Self-Modelling, we start to explore what we can do well and learn to apply it in other contexts of our lives. For example, we may be good at organising a dinner party and not realise that we could apply these skills to organising our work schedule; we may be really good at gaining rapport with our clients and not realise that these very same skills would enable us to get on better with our teenage children, etc. etc.  Self-Modelling helps us to start the process of moving towards:

  • Personal mastery
  • People management
  • Team management and effective communication
  • Communicating excellently
  • Study the consequences of your thoughts, actions and behaviours

Benefits of attending

By attending this course you will:

  • Learn emerging ways of managing colleagues
  • Discover new ways of creating and motivating successful teams
  • Understand how to manage people by recognising and respecting the needs and motivations of yourself and others
  • Explore exciting new ways of creating and delivering messages which achieve success
  • Learn how to manage your thinking, beliefs, values and behaviours more effectively
  • Discover powerful and ethical ways of influencing and persuading others.
  • Learn, practise and develop new, exiting leading-edge techniques for making and delivering presentations
  • Discover how to read body language both commercially and in your private life
  • Become even more effective as a leader and enable your organisation to become more cost efficient and profitable

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in a leadership capacity or aspiring to lead

Your trainer

Meet your expert course trainer: Dr. Mike Ryan

Dr.Mike Ryan

Dr Michael (Mike) Ryan has over two decades of experience in the UK, Japan and for the last 18 months in the UAE, as a specialist trainer in leadership and development, emotional intelligence, as well as presentation and body language skills, enhanced by an MSc in Psychology, an NLP qualification and his current studies towards a PhD in Behavioural Psychology.

Mike has delivered his unique style of leadership and development programmes using the models of Conscious Discipline and Integral Leadership across a far-reaching and diverse community within government organisations, ministries, major FMCG companies and educational environments. He is also a highly empowering motivational speaker, MC and moderator. His past expertise has relied heavily on relationship building, gaining rapport, leading and motivating a cross section of the commercial world. He brings a track record of partnering to transform performance and deliver real and sustainable impact.

Mike regularly writes white papers and contributes articles to industry journals and mainstream consumer media, while also appearing as an expert panellist on both TV and radio, and managing his own blog and social media channels.


“I have used the services of Mike Ryan at three companies in the last five years. Each time he has exceeded my expectations and primarily has provided a robust concise process and support for creating and delivering dynamic customer service support. In the last two years we have worked with Mike around other aspects of Training Readiness. We were one of the first companies to use his unique approach to delivery which has really helped to improve our overall customer service process. Mike is enthusiastic and hard working, forms relationships easily in an organisation, and more importantly, builds trust to enable change to happen smoothly”
Chris Nicole, Managing Director, Vindex Security

“Each engagement resulted in greatly improved business performance. Feedback has been excellent. Creation of a highly successful ‘talent pool’ leading to in-house promotion and personal development programme. Completely focused on clients, Mike can access talent and work together to create solutions that are adaptive or innovative to suit any challenge – large or small. Mike works with individuals and with businesses, social enterprises, sector networks, public sector organisations and non-departmental public bodies,  voluntary and community groups – in the UK and internationally”
Steve Fives, Managing Director, Westgrove Facilities

Training Style

Training Style

  • The course uses a number of proven techniques such as presentations, breakout groups, the TEA model and Graves values.
  • The course is underpinned by team workshops, peer appraisal and a unique style that allows for your own enlightenment.
  • You will make commitments to your fellow delegates and you will support them with their objectives.


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