Building a Logistics Management Team

Eliminating functional silos is an imperative if organizations are to achieve the high levels of customer satisfaction and reduced cost demanded of the supply chain. Eliminating these silos requires creative integration of critical functions that react with both suppliers and customers. The good news is that technology is an “enabler” that is helping the functions involved in supply chain management respond to these new demands. This programme is designed to provide the processes and tools to build a logistics team.

One of the major keys to success in the business world is being able to apply “discipline” to your live and actions! This is the key to developing personal effectiveness and professional excellence. This programme is designed, to prepare and equip each person, with the discipline, positive mind set, and motivation, to maximise their incredible personal potential!


  • To empower and enable you, to develop in the areas of personal effectiveness, and character empowerment, that is required in today’s Global economy
  • To build these empowerment skills into achieving excellence in every area of personal and corporate life.
  • To highlight the 90% “People Factor”, in contrast with the 10% “Performance Factor.”
  • To equip and maximise your potential, develop positive habits, and thus increase your productivity, in the work force.

The Benefits

  • How to be more disciplined and personally effective.
  • What empowers and what disempowers a person.
  • How to build a positive work environment.
  • How to understand teleological thinking.
  • How to move from the negative cycle and into the positive success mode.
  • How to release a new drive and motivation into your life and work environment.
  • How to empower your life for positive results.


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