Logistics Management

When many people who are in charge of logistics look at how to improve their work, they are mostly concerned with speeding up the transportation of parts and decreasing machine time. Supply chain management is as old as trade itself, new information and communications technologies have made today’s supply chains better, faster and cheaper. This can be critical to a company’s financial success in terms of revenue, cost and asset productivity. This is about developing a process to respond to the different requirements of each customer. This can be a dynamic paradigm driving through companies. This is a leading-edge technique which can be vital to the strategic health of every product-based company.

Logistical management is the management of materials, information, technology and funds from the raw material supplier to the consumer. This can be different from rest of the operations management literature.

This course is recommended for anyone wishing to review or upgrade their present skills in Logistics Management to improve organisational performance.


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