Mastering ESG & Sustainability

  • Dates: 14, November 2023 - 15, November 2023
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
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Organisations today are facing increased expectations to address not only the economic, but also social, environmental and ethical impacts of their activity. Therefore, more and more organisations are developing strategies to mainstream ESG & Sustainability into their day-to-day business practices.

Consequently, in today’s business world, improving your responsibility, is not only “nice to have”, but influences your future survival and potential growth. However, effective handling of ESG & Sustainability, especially in cases of scarce resources, has to be facilitated by modern management practices and techniques which ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Benefits of attending

By attending this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what ESG & Sustainability really is
  • Understand how to view ESG&S, as a way of doing business, rather than a predefined set of independent programs or a PR activity
  • Familiarise with global and local ESG&S trends
  • Learn how to assess the level of ESG&S of your organisation
  • Learn how to manage ESG&S in a systematic way
  • Learn how to handle the required internal changes within your organisation to integrate ESG&S in existing processes
  • Learn how to master fundamental ESG&S practices (such as stakeholder engagement, develop a strategy & plan, conduct a materiality analysis)

Who should attend?

Who has attended

Executives from organisations such as Coca-Cola HBC, Deutsche Telekom, Interface, WWF, Carrefour, European Investment Bank, Bosch, Grundfos, Novartis, Henkel, Aramex, Etihad, NBAD, EMAL, Rotana, ALDAR, ADNEC, ADCB, EAD etc.

Your trainer

Meet your expert course trainer: Emmanuel Perakis

Emmanuel Perakis  has over twenty five years experience of results delivering, executive roles, driving positive change in multinational corporations (such as Vodafone Group, Henkel AG), in a broad range of functions (Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Communications, Business Excellence, Process Management, People Management, Innovation Facilitation, Change Management, Agility Management). Moreover, Emmanuel has served as:

  • Jury Committee Member and Senior Assessor for the European Excellence Award (in the category of Large Organizations) in Brussels.
  • Board Member of Vodafone’s Global Sustainability Council in the UK.
  • Lead Auditor for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety management systems.
  • Member of the Global ISO26000 development Working Group.
  • Master Coach for the Behavioural Institute (accredited by the ICC).
  • Training Faculty Member for the EFQM in Brussels.
  • Training Quality Control Consultant for the Global Reporting Initiative in Amsterdam.
  • Professional Speaker for Speaker Associates in the UK.
  • Innovation, Human Capital & Core Assessor for Sheikh Khalifa, Dubai & Abu Dhabi Government Excellence Programs in the UAE.
  • Trainer on Excellence and Sustainability for the DGEP in the UAE.
  • Member of ISO Technical Committee 279 for Innovation Management.

Emmanuel has provided numerous speeches, moderations and over 2,000 hours of training courses on management topics (such as Leadership, Strategy, Excellence, Change, Innovation, People, Responsibility, Environment) around the world (such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, UK, UAE).

Since 2007 Emmanuel is Managing Partner of STREAM, having delivered complex projects across the value chain (from Culture Change to Agility Management and from Leadership Development to Corporate Responsibility), both for corporations (such as Coca-Cola, Carrefour, Deutsche Telekom, Heineken, Henkel, Mercedes-Benz, Nestlé, Novartis, FAB, ADNOC, Banka Intesa, Interface), as well as institutions (such as CSR Europe, EFQM, Danish Center for Leadership, GRI, WWF, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group).

He holds an MBA (Highest Honours), an MSc in Biotechnology and a BSc in Chemical Engineering (Honours), while speaks fluently EnglishGreek and German. In 2003 Emmanuel was honoured with the annual European Leadership Award by the European Foundation for Quality Management, for his ‘contribution in the Excellence movement in Europe’.

Course Outline

Module 1: Pre-Course Preparation

Each participant will receive access to an on-line e-learning awareness course “Let’s Think…”, which in 45-60 minutes will help to increase awareness, facilitate thinking process and change behaviour related to ESG and sustainability, as it is:

  • Structured around 7 easily understandable Areas (Management, Owners, Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Communities, Environment), to ensure awareness
  • Based on advanced, yet simplified content, to improve understanding
  • Uses characters, audios and animations, to ensure a user friendly experience
  • Based on  how correct answers are  to given dilemmas (rather than right or wrong), to facilitate employees’ thinking
  • Includes 7 realistic, practical work related case studies,  to drive change in behavior
  • Provides feedback per overall results, question and correctness of answers to facilitate learning

Module 2: Introduction & Background

Within this Module, participants will understand that although there are clear benefits for companies applying ESG & Sustainability practices (mainly in five areas), the fundamental driver has to remain the mindset that “it is the right thing to do”, with positive side-effects. To support this proposition, global and local trends will be presented, while complex theories and concepts will be explained in simple understandable ways.

  • Definition
  • Scope (e.g. relation to triple bottom line, ethics, governance)
  • Personal responsibility – Video Examples
  • Factors that led to the development (e.g. EUn CSRD)
  • Characteristics of successful organisations in the Future
  • Benefits
  • Risk of failure – Examples (Enron, Siemens, Lehman Brothers, BP)
  • Management Trends (e.g. management systems- ISSB, ESRS, ISO26000, GRI, AA1000, EFQM, GC, performance and perception)
  • Environment Trends (e.g. climate change, waste, biodiversity)
  • Community Trends (e.g. demographics)
  • Customer Trends (e.g. green-washing, responsible procurement)
  • Employee Trends (e.g. diversity, labour rights)
  • Owner Trends (e.g. governance, CSDD)
  • Supplier Trends (e.g. responsible procurement)

Module 3: Development & Management

Within this Module, participants will understand that effective handling of ESG & Sustainability, especially in cases of scarce resources, is facilitated by modern management practices. To support this proposition, various management tools and examples will be presented (structured around a 14-step systematic process), addressing all fundamental ESG & Sustainability practices (such as stakeholder engagement, strategy development, action plan design, materiality analysis etc.).

  • Managing Change
  • Developing a Strategy – Examples (e.g. Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom)
  • Developing a Framework
  • Integrating in core processes (e.g. strategy, training, communication)
  • Guidance & Management Systems (ISSB, ESRS, ISO26000, GRI, AA1000, EFQM, EFQM Framework, GC)
  • Governing ( governance, measurement)
  • Managing Stakeholders (identification, engagement, response) – Examples (e.g. Cadburys)
  • Assessing Impact – Examples (e.g. Vodafone)
  • Programs – Case Studies of Management Practices (e.g. Shell, P&G)
  • Programs – Case Studies of Owner Practices (e.g. Mercedes Benz)
  • Programs – Case Studies of Community Practices (e.g. TNT, Chevron, ISS)
  • Programs – Case Studies of Employee Practices (e.g. Grundfos, Solve)
  • Programs – Case Studies of Supplier Practices (e.g. HP, BT)
  • Programs – Case Studies of Environment Practices  (e.g. Interface, BP, Unilever)
  • Designing a Sustainability Action Plan – Examples

Module 4: Communication & Reporting

Within this Module, participants will understand that results of ESG & Sustainability should and can be practical, measurable and non-wishful. To support this proposition, various management tools and examples will be presented on how to collect data, develop a Report and communicate results effectively (with examples of communication activities from various companies around the world).

  • Linking with Reputation – Examples (e.g. BT, Vodafone)
  • Communicating Internally and Externally – Video Examples (e.g. Unilever, Orange, Mercedes)
  • Collecting Data
  • Cause Related, Societal, Responsible Marketing – Examples (e.g. Coca-Cola, Unilever)
  • Programs – Case Studies of Customer Practices (e.g. Innocent, The Cooperative)
  • Preparing a Report – Examples (e.g. Telefonica, Danfoss)
  • Preparing Internal and External Communication Plan

Module 5: Review & Assessment

Within this Module, participants will be able to enhance their overall learning, following an interaction between the teaching process and the outcome, through a systematic evaluation of the extent to which these anticipated learning outcomes actually occur.

  • Guest Speaker (20 min)
  • Assessment Quiz & Feedback Questionnaire (15 min)
  • Rup Up


“It has been one of the best training courses that I attended. Although I came with very little information on the topic, I am leaving with very big charge and confidence that I can add value within my organization.”
B. Al Mesbahi, Senior Analyst, Research & Advocacy, Emirates Foundation – U.A.E.

“I thought writing a Sustainability Report is like building a Rocket, but after the coaching I feel motivated to write the Sustainability Report.”
K. Al Marar, Chairman Sustainable Development, Al Ain Municipality – U.A.E.

“The knowledge I gained from this 2-day course has broadened my horizon and strengthened my confidence at work.”
N. Nasrala, Senior CSR Manager, Dubai Properties Group – U.A.E.

“Thank you, great course, I learned a lot about Sustainability.”
Dr R. Baroudi, Manager Planning & Performance Management, ADPC – U.A.E.

“Emmanuel is a real authority on Sustainability and transfers knowledge with enthusiasm and passion.”
K. Davies, Environment Manager, ALDAR Properties – U.A.E.

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Mastering ESG & Sustainability

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