Metadata Management

For many years enterprises have been organizing and accumulating data and content about its operations, customers, competitors and suppliers. Today we hear a lot about the inability to get to that data, navigate web sites, drill down in business intelligence systems or organize enterprise performance data. At the same time we hear about tools that make it simple. Metadata is a term heard frequently in the discussions about access to the data and content.

This course is intended for people who want to put the ideas and concepts of metadata into effective use in their enterprise.  The focus is on the discovery, organization and structure of both technical metadata and business metadata. Concepts of reconciling the technical and business view, including knowledge and the new technical areas of objects and portal navigation are covered. Further, the methods and methodologies needed to make these ideas definitive are discussed in some detail.  Concepts of knowledge integration are included to provide long-range opportunity to link the different types of metadata found in an enterprise.


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