Mini MBA Oil and Gas

The International Oil and Gas Industry is extremely dynamic – it is constantly evolving, driven by and dependent upon technology. Ever more remote and inhospitable environments such as the Arctic and Ultra-deep water drilling operations push the boundaries of capabilities on a daily basis as the search for a sustainable competitive advantage quickens. There are multiple stakeholders – each with a different agenda or perspective – the need to manage these interfaces is critical if the modern oil and gas organisation is to survive and flourish.

The true capital of any organisation is its people and the knowledge and abilities that they possess. It is imperative to add to this value by ongoing development and learning – investment in this way will contribute directly to the creation and sustainability of a competitive advantage. But time is critical and it is often difficult for individuals to find the time for prolonged and protracted study given the need to balance workload and family life.

This programme was developed specifically to directly address this all too familiar problem. Over a period of 5 days, delegates will acquire a detailed holistic perspective of the International Oil and Gas Industry – its components and the interactions between them. Strategy; commerce and critically important issues such as Corporate Social Responsibility are all covered. The intent is to provide the delegate with a new source of knowledge that is immediately applicable and adds value.


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