Oil & Gas Sales Contracting (OGSC)


Oil & Gas Sales Contracting (OGSC)

As with any competitive endeavor, the participant with the stronger overall team usually wins. This is no different with contracting and the competition to close on the optimal commercial relationship in Oil and Gas transactions. Learn in this interactive workshop how to equip yourself with the skills and tools to not only play in the game, but win the game when it comes to contracting. This interactive session will enable the participants and their enterprises to establish greater success rates – from contract award and closure to contract fulfillment and commercial relationship management. How can you ensure higher success rates through your oil and gas contracting? Find out the answer to this question and more.

Complimentary 12 months membership to the IACCM

Benefits of attending

By attending this interactive course you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Understand the relevance of corporate strategies as direction for your contracting plans
  • Align corporate philosophies between contracting parties to ensure greater contracting effectiveness and success
  • Create efficiency and effectiveness in your contracting processes
  • Optimize value and financial returns from your contracts
  • Manage risks with greater effectiveness
  • Establish greater focus for your contracting teams
  • Get your contracting process on the right track
  • Gain control of the timing for your contracting projects
  • Become a Certified IACCM practitioner

Who should attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

  • Sales contracting professionals
  • Contract lawyers and attorneys
  • Contract management professionals
  • Contract managers and administrators
  • End-users who impact, or are impacted by, the contracting process
  • Finance professionals involved in contracting
  • Contract negotiators
  • Operational managers
  • Commercial relationship managers
  • Purchasing, sourcing and supply management professionals
  • Plus! End-users who impact, or are impacted by, the sales contracting process

Your trainer

Meet your expert course trainer: Martin Chalkley

Martin ChalkleyMartin has 15 years experience in supplier management and sourcing strategy, having started his career specialising in Business Demand Management for a global engineering company in the oil refinery / pharmaceuticals sector.

Martin joined the IACCM team in March 2011, serves as an IACCM learning and certification coach, is co-author of the IACCM’s supplier relationship management program and learning content lead for the Shared Services and Outsourcing Professional program.

Martin has wide ranging experience, from supplier relationship management, sourcing strategy development, tender preparation, evaluation and negotiation, commercial management to service delivery and performance management. His main driver is looking at the commercial opportunity available to a company and ensuring that they achieve value for money spent.

Certification benefits


Benefits of IACCM Membership.

  • Regular updates, articles and news on commercial contracting, supply chain, professional development and related subjects
  • Access to extensive training materials, classes and professional accreditation (exclusive to members, but at an incremental fee)
  • Contacts in major companies worldwide
  • Free webcasts and audio calls featuring top authors, academics and subject-matter experts
  • International, cross-industry perspectives and networks
  • Assistance with professional or career questions, personal or business related
  • Access to knowledge and contacts that differentiate you from non-members, enhancing your career and employment prospects
  • Opportunities to participate in original research on the topics and issues impacting your job
  • Networking with peers and executives through on- line forums and at physical seminars and meetings – ideas, insights, career opportunities etc.
  • Chances to initiate or join ‘communities of interest’ on specific subjects or projects


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