The BMTG Masterclass in ‘Succeeding in a Failing Market’


Succeeding in a Failing Market

In a world of falling oil and natural gas prices and related economic pressures on both private and public income streams, energy, policy making (and many other) professionals find themselves in uncertain and unchartered waters. Indeed there are gloomy predictions that the Brent Crude Oil price, along with other energy indices, will further plummet, in the case of the oil price as low as $20 per barrel. Fortunately, this Masterclass enlightens and equips professionals in the midst of these dark times, with the latest practical techniques and leading thoughts on how to manage this crisis.

Delegates will discover the key skills and methods of dealing with these dramatic falls will allow them to navigate and mitigate these new unchartered territories.

The MasterClass takes participants through the cutting edge methods of market analysis, crisis management and handling these hard situations with soft skills to dramatically improve their professional and personal effectiveness.

MasterClass participants will, amongst other things, learn about best practices in market profiling, income and expenditure review, crisis solution and change management, through lively and interactive and ‘real world’ exercises.  The following subject areas will be included:

  • What are the causes of this crisis? Is it just the ‘market’ or Geopolitics and other factors?
  • What are the impacts of this crisis? Are falling prices an entirely bad thing?
  • How best to understand and operate in such a volatile market?
  • Can no revenue ever be better than falling revenues?
  • Should your organisation Spend or Slash your way out of this situation?
  • Is this really a ‘Crisis’ or an Opportunity to discover new income streams?
  • Is your organisation asking the right questions?
  • How to understand and respond to Energy Market Signals
  • Communication and Leadership Skills in a Crisis.
  • Techniques in managing the current situation and potential future challenges.

Benefits of attending

Benefits of Attending:

Delegates will learn about the latest market techniques and trends, insights and crucially the practical methods of putting these into practice. By the end of the sessions delegates should be able to:

  • Display focused behaviours, skills and competence in handling this energy market crisis based on best practice
  • Motivate individuals and teams to understand and exceed expectations in this falling market
  • Demonstrate Negotiation techniques in a tough market to get the best deal possible
  • Confidently use cutting edge techniques of Market Analysis, Management and Risk Mitigation created by this crisis.
  • Recognise different types of challenges and respond with different, creative, new ways that work.

Who should attend?

Who Should Attend this MasterClass?:

  • Public Officials with an interest in Oil and Gas Prices / Industry
  • Oil Industry Professionals
  • Gas Industry Professionals
  • Policy Making Officials
  • Energy Analysts and Advisers
  • Economists
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Buyers / Senior Buyers
  • Operations Directors, Operations Managers
  • Industry professionals who are looking to broaden their understanding of Oil and Gas Operations

Your trainer

Meet your expert course trainer: Karl Brookes, B.Sc, M.Sc

Karl Brookes
Karl has more than 15 years’ experience in developing and delivering projects and strategies that change behaviours and achieve corporate objectives in sophisticated Supply Chains and procurement functions. Graduating in Politics and Sociology from the University of Salford, Karl joined the Civil Service, before working with prestigious clients such as DHL, The NHS Logistics Authority, Barclays and TNT. Returning to education, he gained a Masters from Manchester Metropolitan University, and was elected to help run the Students’ Union. In addition to being a Guest Lecturer for the Business School of University of Central Lancashire, Karl has written articles on various topics including, financial and energy consumer rights and developing property. A skilled leader and deliverer of transformational strategies, Karl is adept at working effectively with employees at all levels in different sizes of organisations. As a trusted ‘safe pair of hands’ in a crisis, Karl has built up many years of experience, coaching and delivering training in key corporate areas such as:

  • Procurement, Strategic Supply Chains, Value Chains and Smart Management of them.
  • Raising the Bar: Making the change from Supply Chain to Value Chain
  • Fleet Management, Resource Management and Utility Management
  • Operational Contingency, Change and Crisis Management
  • Emotional Intelligence, ISO Implementation, Media Relations, Marketing
  • Private Finance Initiative (PPP), Project Management Techniques e.g. Prince 2 and; Management Skills Development.


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