Soft Skills for Hard Managerial Situations

Traditional managerial methods are changing along with so many other things in our world. Managers have to become more subtle, sophisticated and emotionally intelligent to deal with an ever expanding set of complex challenges. This Master Class delivers the latest ‘soft skills’ to help those in leaders hip roles deal with these hard situations. Delegates will discover the skills and methods of the modern emotionally intelligent manager that allow them to recognise and resolve hard situations, before they become major problems, quickly and cost effectively. The Master Class in Soft Skills for Hard managerial Situations takes participants through a series of real life situations and High Energy Stress (HES) exercises to dramatically improve their professional and personal effectiveness. This course is not for the faint or ‘soft’ hearted but for the supervisors and professional who knows that soft skills are a necessary part of the modern manager’s armory! Participants will learn about best and latest practices in soft skills through lively and interactive classes coupled with ‘real world’ exercises.


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