Sustainable Leadership and Impact Creation



Leading organisations are embedding sustainability into their core business – mitigating and managing risks, increasing resilience, and enhancing value creation in the short and long term. This course is designed to encourage the participants to go beyond commonly adopted practises and develop deeper insights that make business sense of sustainability and engage and empower employees to bring about organisational change in their daily work.

To initiate and achieve such transformations, organisations need to equip their leaders and team members with new skills and knowledge, fostering a new form of innovation centered on systemic thinking, reliance on science and empowerment of their people.

This 18-hour introductory training program is delivered over 3 days and use a combination of lectures, case studies, workshops, and practical exercises to facilitate the learning of fundamental concepts of corporate sustainability and how to embed sustainability into business operations at an organisational level.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will have a compelling understanding of environmental, social, and economic challenges and causes, and how we got here.
  • Participants will grasp how businesses are linked to negative and positive impact and how to embed sustainability into business and organisational context.
  • Participants will be empowered and equipped to contribute to sustainable transformation within their business and organisation.


Theme: Understand the global risks and opportunities

  • Module 1: Environment, social and economic trends
  • Module 2: Business response to sustainable development

Theme: Leadership for change

  • Module 3: Sustainability concepts and frameworks
  • Module 4: Sustainable strategy development and reporting

Theme: Action for impact

  • Module 5: Stakeholder engagement to drive action
  • Module 6: Impact value chain mapping and visualisation

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