Strategic Planning to Identify New Business Opportunities



Webinar Overview

This informative, practical webinar is going to enable you and your team to scope out new business opportunities and transform your business during these challenging times.

The webinar will help open up new horizons and areas for participants to identify strategically important priorities. For this purpose creativity & innovation techniques will enable participants to expand the scope of their thinking, beyond product and services, to alternative organisational structures and even new business models.

Furthermore, it will enable participants to identify personal and corporate obstacles of “outside the box” strategic thinking and by utilising a suite of tools for strategic planning. Participants will learn how to think and plan strategically using proven methodologies which work.

Webinar Outline

Strategy Concept

  • Managers and directors – is there a difference?
  • When strategic planning can be a bad idea
  • Mission, vision and values
  • Portfolio overview – BCG matrix – where to position your products and services
  • SWOT – the most widely misused business tool and how to use it effectively
  • PESTLE – understand your market and quickly evaluate new markets
  • Porter’s 5 forces – understand your industry
  • Where next? Ansoff Matrix

Benefits of attending

After participating you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of corporate Strategy in all its dimensions
  • Recognise new areas Strategic priorities can potentially emerge from
  • Gain a knowledge using well tested practical tools to become a master strategist

Your Webinar Director

Meet your Webinar director: Alistair Stevenson

Alistair Stevenson

Alistair is a specialized trainer and business consultant in leadership, crisis management, project management and organisational effectiveness. Areas of expertise: Agile Scrum, Business Strategy, Conflict Resolution, Lean Six Sigma, Sales, Marketing, Pitching, Content Management, Change Management and Leadership Thinking.

Alistair Stevenson is a management professional with extensive experience gained in the marketing, human resources, healthcare and industrial sector. Stevenson has worked at director level for the last 17 years. He is an entrepreneur having 13 years experience creating and managing start ups.

Stevenson currently works for the European Commission advising where to allocate funding on the Horizon 2020 programme. His job title is Expert Consultant, responsible for evaluating proposals and deciding whether they have commercial potential to be realized and ensuring that they are good value for money for the European taxpayer. He works in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and care of the elderly. For the last three years Stevenson has been employed by the European Commission to assess Smart City proposals.

In addition, he works as a part time lecturer on the executive MBA program at the University of Economics in Poznan, Poland. The university and the executive MBA program are both ranked number two in Poland. Stevenson lectures in the fields of; Marketing, International Business, Business Strategy and Lean Manufacturing. He was chosen to be a judge at the Manufacturing Excellence Awards in Warsaw.

Prior to establishing his own consulting company, Stevenson was the Vice President Marketing for MedProGO, the largest independent medical marketing and media house in Europe. He was responsible for introducing local language editions of The Lancet and The Journal of the American Medical Association throughout Europe and as project lead on all digital campaigns.

Stevenson has provided recruitment consulting services for healthcare organizations, marketing departments, manufactures and most major pharmaceutical companies. Apart from providing analysis, Stevenson is an experienced manager and can assist in implementing change within an organization.

Alistair Stevenson has been running business workshops and providing training for over 20 years and multiple courses in The Middle East and beyond. Stevenson was originally a construction engineer, before graduating the MBA program at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM). He has recently completed a course in Psychology from Berkeley University, California.

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