Creating an Agile Organization

Creating an Agile Organization


Creating an Agile Organization

Still have questions on how to make your organization more Agile in a systematic way and handle the required Change to succeed?

In today’s complex and changing business environment, the ability of an organisation to rapidly adapt to variables, opportunities and threats, when it needs to do so, in an effective and efficient way becomes imperative, in order to meet its objectives.

Therefore, Agility increasingly constitutes not only a way for organisations to continuously evolve, but a precondition to survive. However, organisations frequently focus their efforts to be more Agile mainly within the sphere of philosophical discussions and verbal intentions, do not handle misalignments between identified threats and opportunities, systemic structures, organisational culture and employees’ workplace, and do not manage required change to transform identified needs into practices in an effective way.

Course Objectives

Through this highly interactive practical course you will not only understand what Agility is, but more importantly how you can improve the ability of your organisation to rapidly adapt in 6 carefully selected Areas, 18 sub-Areas and over 60 Topics, as well as how you can effectively manage the change required to transform identified threats, opportunities and trends into value adding actions in a systematic way.

Who has attended

Executives from organisations such as Mercede-Benz, TNT, HSBC, Henkel, Deutsche Telekom, Nestle, Worthington, Carrefour, Heineken, etc.

Benefits of attending

By attending this course you will be able to:

  • Identify your personal obstacles in being receptive to change
  • Identify the obstacles in becoming more Agile as an organization
  • Predict and evolve to current and future Variables, Opportunities and Threats
  • Develop and align Systems which allows to rapidly adjust
  • Create and nurture a Culture of behaving in an adaptive and empowered way
  • Build and maintain an Employee workplace of cooperation and flexibility
  • Choose and use a methodology to effectively and efficiently handle required Change
  • Define and use appropriate Indicators to know how agile your organization performs

Who should attend?

Who should attend

Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers, Managers of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovation
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Business Excellence
  • Operations Management
  • Crisis and Risk Management

Line managers who seek to improve their personal openness to adapt, their ability to manage agility and their skills to implement change.

Your trainer

Meet your expert course trainer: Emmanuel Perakis

Emmanuel Perakis is Managing Partner of STREAM Management having supported both corporations (such as Coca-Cola 3E, Cosmote, Carrefour, Heineken, Henkel, Dubai Holdings, Korres, Novartis), as well as institutions (such as CSR Europe, EFQM, Danish Center for Leadership, WWF), on management issues such as Human Resource Development, Leadership, Innovation and CSR.

Emmanuel has over 17 years of experience in Management roles in areas such as Μanagement Systems, Internal Organisation, Business Excellence, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Communications. Additional activities and memberships include:

  • Jury Committee Member and Senior Assessor for the European Excellence Award in Brussels (in the category of large companies).
  • Lead Auditor for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety management systems.
  • Official Trainer, for EFQM in Europe.
  • Conference Speaker with Speakers Associates UK.
  • Member of Vodafone Group’s Global CSR Council.

He has provided numerous lectures, moderations and training courses on various management topics including, Innovation, Change, Responsibility, Environment, Excellence and Leadership around the world (Belgium, Serbia, Holland, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, Dubai, Greece). In 2003 he was honoured with the annual European Leadership Award by the European Foundation for Quality Management, for his “contribution to the Excellence movement in Europe”.

Course Outline

Module 0: Pre-course Preparation

Each participant will receive 10 days before the course a link to complete the  pioneering on-line values and behavioural assessment methodology MyProfile, which takes 15-20 minutes to be completed. After completing each participant will receive 2 Reports, highlighting their:

  • Work Motivators
  • Work Behaviours
  • Work Priorities
  • Life Priorities
  • Communication style

The Reports will be used during the course to tailor made the content and learning experience for each participant.

Module 1: The Concept of Agility

Within this Module, participants will be inducted into the concept of Agility and understand its importance for organisations to be successful in the future.

  • What Agility is and what it is not
  • Myths, essence, definition and importance in today’s environment
  • STREAM’s Agility Management Framework (4 Areas, 18 sub-Areas, 60 Topics)
  • WORKSHOP: Your Agility Maturity (30)

Module 2: EcoSystems – The external aspect of Agility

Within this Module, participants will understand the business megatrends that will prevail in the future and learn how to predict and evolve to current and future Variables, Opportunities and Threats.

  • Understanding EcoSystems
  • Variables, Threats, Opportunities – Main trends of our EcoSystem and  strategies to succeed
  • Value Chain & Networks – How successful organisations will look like
  • Products & Services – The “S” curve of success
  • WORKSHOP: Your Variables, Threats and Opportunities (40)

Module 5: Systems- The structural aspect of Agility

Within this Module, participants will understand systemic aspects of agility, and learn how to develop and align  management systems used in a way which allows to rapidly adjust.

  • Understanding Systems
  • Strategy & Objectives – Defining long and short term strategies
  • Governance & Setup – Understanding relation between structures and drivers of  change
  • Policies & Processes – Developing management systems to facilitate alignment
  • Technology & Infrastructure – The trends of technology
  • WORKSHOP: Identifying your Priorities (40)

Module 3: Culture – The behavioral aspect of Agility

Within this Module, participants will understand how culture influences the ability of an organisation to rapidly adapt and learn how to create and nurture a Culture of adaptive and empowered behavior.

  • Understanding Culture
  • Purpose & Values – Defining a guiding North Star which aligns actions
  • Empowerment & Accountability – Defining clear responsibilities and flexibility
  • Behaviour – Characteristics of successful and agile employees
  • Personal Agility – Obstacles to be adaptive and ways to enhance
  • WORKSHOP: Outside the box thinking (10)
  • WORKSHOP: Your mental Models (10)

Module 4: Employees – The human aspect of Agility

Within this Module, participants will understand the human aspects of Agility, the barriers of ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘rapidly adapting’, and learn how to build and maintain an Employee workplace of cooperation and flexibility.

  • Understanding Employees
  • Practices – Employee systems to facilitate innovation and rapid adjustment
  • Cross Functional Teams – Organising teams to be effective
  • Workspace – Facilitating internal communication and cooperation
  • WORKSHOP: Handling hierarchy (20)
  • WORKSHOP: Understanding your organisation (20)

Module 6: Change & Performance – The management aspects of Agility

Within this Module, participants will understand how to implement a simple, structured and step-by-step methodology to manage change effectively and efficiently, as well as define and use appropriate Indicators to know how agile an organization performs.

  • STREAM’s SIDE Model of Change – How to effectively implement change
  • WORKSHOP: Managing Change (40)
  • Developing Objectives-Defining Measures-Setting Targets
  • WORKSHOP: Defining objectives and KPIs (20)

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