Certified Strategic Financial Planning Specialist

Certified Strategic Financial  Planning Specialist


Certified Strategic Financial Planning Specialist

Certified Strategic Financial Planning Specialist is a five-day program for C-level executives, financial planners and senior executives interested in understanding key concepts used in Measuring, Evaluating and Forecasting Shareholder Value creation.

The program assumes you have a basic understanding of financial statements, shares and dividends, the time value of money and the risk-return profile of different classes of financial assets. Strategic Financial Planning will build upon these basic financial management concepts and link them to core concepts of competitive strategy, namely the issues of where and how a company has chosen to compete in the business environment. This five day certified course is aimed to provide attendees with an overview of how shareholder value is measured, evaluated and forecast. It will ask the basic questions that shareholders, stockbroker analysts and corporate executives need to ask when discussing shareholder value creation.

Course at a Glance

Day One and Two During the first two days participants will learn how to read and interpret the financial accounting statements of their organizations. Whether you work in private enterprise, in a not-for-profit organisation or in a government entity, these two days will provide you with a framework for understanding the business implications of financial statements.

Day Three Looks at Shareholder Value from the perspective of shareholders of the company, i.e. those who have purchased the common stock or preferential shares of a company with the expectation of generating an economic return from their investment. It examines the issues of risk and return for different asset classes as well as alternative methods of share valuation.

Day Four Examines Shareholder Value from the perspective of stockbroker analysts i.e. those tasked with providing buy or sell recommendations for company stocks to third-party investors. It examines the strategic position of a company with the explicit intent of assessing whether the recent financial performance of the company is a good guide to the future.

Day Five Examines Shareholder Value from the perspective of a corporate executive seeking to assess how the current strategic initiatives of the company (investments, innovations and performance improvement initiatives) are expected to deliver shareholder value in the (foreseeable) future. It examines the concept of risk and return associated with the bundle of strategic initiatives being implemented.

Benefits of attending

By attending this highly interactive 5 day course, you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of:
    • How to Measure Shareholder Value created by a company,
    • How to Evaluate Shareholder Value estimates provided by a company, and
    • How to Forecast Shareholder Value from a strategic financial planning perspective
  • Become eligible to join GSB’s 25 month Banking Diploma
  • Become a member of the INTERFIMA community and gain access to a broad list of benefits
  • Gain 33 total CPE Credits in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management Advisory Services

Who should attend?

Who should attend

  • Business Owners
  • Government Officials
  • Corporate Directors
  • Head of Departments
  • Managers of Business Lines
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Business Analysts
  • Consultants and Strategy Advisors

Your Course Trainer

Lambros Karavis, Project Leader, Tony Blair and Associates, UK

Lambros KaravisLambros Karavis is an experienced strategic management and executive development consultant and interim executive with over 40 years of business and academic experience. He has worked for McKinsey & Co and Accenture as a strategy consultant, led corporate planning and development initiatives for multinational businesses and government entities, and been an Assistant Professor at The University of Western Ontario and Director of Executive MBA Programs at Monash Mt. Eliza Business School (in Australia).

He has also worked with family businesses in the Gulf States on the twin issues of family governance and corporate strategy, broadly dealing with managing the role of the family in the strategic development of the family business. Currently he is Acting Project Leader for Tony Blair and Associates.


About Interfima

About Interfima


The International Association of Financial Management is a non-profit organization that aims to share knowledge and add value to the financial markets, through ongoing professional education and training. Headquartered in Luxembourg, INTERFIMA operates in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania while continuously expanding into new regions.

INTERFIMA is committed to bringing the best financial learning experience to financial institutions, corporations, governmental entities, and industry professionals, through high quality learning standards.

Benefits of INTERFIMA Membership

  • Regular updates, articles and news through the monthly Newsletter.
  • Access to extensive training materials, classes, workshops, seminars, e-learning and professional accreditation.
  • Exclusive membership discount to all INTERFIMA events (classroom and online).
  • International perspectives and networks
  • Assistance with professional or career questions
  • Access to knowledge and contacts that differentiate you from non-members, enhancing your career and employment prospects.
  • Opportunities to participate in original research on the topics and issues impacting your role.
  • Networking with peers and executives at physical meetings/events and through on- line forums – ideas, insights, career opportunities etc.
  • Chances to initiate or join ‘communities of interest’ on specific subjects or projects.

INTERFIMA Member Rates: All existing* and associate* members qualify for a 10% discount * Existing/associate members refers to those who have attended INTERFIMA events and/or workshops in the past and have access to the full membership benefits.

Team of 2 delegates: 5% discount
Team of 4 delegates: 10% discount
Team of 6 delegates: 15% discount


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