Effective Presentation & Communication Skills


Effective Presentation & Communication Skills

This training gives you the opportunity to learn and practise the key skills and tools that make a successful, memorable presentation, and then to adapt those tools help you communicate successfully in one-to-one and group situations.
Good communication skills are a fundamental need in business at all levels. When you communicate well you will persuade, motivate and influence and build useful and lasting relationships more easily. You will also save time and minimise conflict.

Effective Business Presentations Skills: everyone makes presentations at work, whether you are reporting to senior management, selling your products and services to your customers, or motivating your team to make a change. This part will enable you to become a more effective, powerful and confident presenter. It will help you to make presentations with a relevant and memorable message which keep keeps your audience’s interest and attention throughout the performance. You will leave the training with new skills, tools and techniques that will help you deliver success at both a business and personal level.

Effective Communication Skills: the Communication Skills part will enable delegates to become effective and powerful communicators. The programme will focus on knowing your partner’s needs and concerns, and identifying the right message for that person. It also covers influencing and motivating your partner, and adapting your communication style to different people. You will examine how to use your tone of voice and body language to engage your partner, to structure your message clearly, build rapport and use questions effectively to find out information and build trust.

Benefits of attending

Benefits of attending

By the end of this course, participants will have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Examine your presenting and communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Receive detailed and helpful feedback on your performance (including video feedback)
  • Know how to prepare quickly and efficiently
  • Be able to structure your speech and get your message across
  • Be able to identify the right message, and communicate it powerfully and interestingly
  • Understand when and how you need to adapt your presentations to different audiences
  • Know which type of language will be most memorable and powerful
  • Be able to use your voice, body language and eye contact to engage your audience
  • Know how to handle questions and manage your audience
  • Be able to use visuals as a powerful tool to attract and keep your audience’s attention
  • Practice different tools and techniques to further improve your presentations
  • Have greater confidence in making memorable and interesting presentations
  • Be able to convince, motivate and influence your audiences
  • Be able to take an effective part in group meetings
  • Know when to be more assertive/responsive

Who should attend?

Who should attend

This training will be ideal for anybody who needs to improve their skills when making presentations or communicating in one-to-one or group situations. They could be experienced presenters who wish to polish up their skills, or novices, who need to learn and practise the tools and skills of successful presentation and communication in one-to-one and group situations.

Your trainer

Meet your expert course trainer: James Shirreff

James has 25 years experience as a communication skills/management development trainer with wide international experience. He is a specialist in international presentation skills, business writing skills, negotiation skills, and cross-cultural communication. He has designed and run successful programmes for blue chip companies, the professions and the public sector in 60 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and Latin America. He is based in Brighton, and has lived in Kenya, Sudan and Italy.

He has worked extensively with many business sectors, including oil and gas, insurance and reinsurance, medicine, telecommunications, financial services, logistics, information technology, electronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, engineering, health and body care, food and drink, and consumer goods. He has also worked with public sector organisations and the voluntary sector.

In the past two years, he has delivered training programmes that include international presentation and negotiation skills, influencing skills, international teambuilding, remote team working, leadership, facilitation skills, business writing skills, international communication skills, working across cultures and working with specific cultures (the Italians; Swiss; French; Germans; Arabs; Indians). He leads team of trainers at big events for the oil and gas, engineering and pharmaceutical sectors.

James believes strongly in making his training style tailored, practical interactive and relevant to his participants’ business needs. He ensures his participants are challenged, yet have fun while they are learning. He has a deep understanding of how cultures communicate, and gets impressive results in improving peoples’ confidence and communication skills.

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  • The Master Class uses a combination of participative seminars, discussion, case studies and problem solving to ensure that delegates learn and develop the confidence to use the various principles and techniques.


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