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The European Union is determined to lead the drive to a Net Zero Carbon future.  To this end it has stated that it needs to inject Euro 350 billion a year from the private sector into the economies of the member states until at least 2030. Having proclaimed its intentions to lead the way, it has, this year, introduced new laws, regulations targets and a taxonomy with a view to making it happen.

The Interfima Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) course offers a comprehensive insight into the critical EU ESG changes in the EU’s investment services, markets and process requirements.

This training, which covers all the fields of sustainable finance, allows interested professionals to acquire solid ESG foundations.

These critical changes and topics are addressed in this educational program, which should be covered in a minimum of 3 classroom days (or equivalent).

Who should attend

Who would benefit from attending?

All investment professionals interested in obtaining solid knowledge in this sector, specifically investment officers, relationship managers active in the EU market, corporate governance specialists, asset managers, financial advisors and planners.

Also corporates looking to access EU sources of funding over the next decade.


Modules of The ESG Advisor

Module 1
Latest developments in the market, key drivers

Module 2
How ESG affects valuation, what factors to consider

Module 3
Strategies and tactics for sustainable investment

Module 4
Important: driving companies to engage
with ESG

Module 5
Structures for sustainable investment

Module 6
Green and Social bonds, accelerating impact

Module 7
Introduction of other available sustainable products

Module 8
International framework for financial institutions and organizations

Meet your Trainer

Meet your trainer

Mark-OuthwaiteMark Outhwaite

Mark Outhwaite has over 25 years banking experience the majority of which was front-office based. He has held a number of line and strategic positions in international banks in the City of London, where he developed an expertise in lending to and assessing the strength of international financial institutions. He then became a senior risk manager and FSA registered MLRO for the London operations of a European bank.

He specializes in the delivery of AML and the prevention of financial crime advice to those UK professionals (solicitors and accountants etc) and firms governed by the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the 3rd EU AML directive (high value dealers, estate agents etc), He has been invited to the Accountancy TV Channel to discuss the impact of the 3rd EU Anti-Money Laundering directive on accountants practicing in the UK. Over the past year he has researched and delivered for Interfima ESG trainings for bankers and financial advisors across the EU.

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