Global Leaders Program

  • Dates: 30, June 2024 - 05, July 2024
  • Location: SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy
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June 30 – July 5, 2024

SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milano


In a world that is changing continuously and at a rapid pace, with implications at all levels – economic, political, socio-demographic – intertwining with digital transformation and the development of artificial intelligence, top managers find themselves facing increasingly complex and multifaceted challenges. In this context, to stay relevant and drive positive change, it becomes essential for them to broaden their perspectives and approach the new challenges from unique angles, redefining their leadership skills and influencing abilities.Through the contributions of highly prominent speakers, SDA Bocconi’s new Global Leaders Program engages participants into economically and geopolitically significant topics that are central to the contemporary discourse, at the same time focusing on the most pressing managerial issues related to digital and sustainable transformations.

The program draws its strength from the combination of robust managerial knowledge and one-to-one interactions with peers in other industries, creating a diverse ecosystem that engages senior executives in a high-profile multicultural network. Equally integral to the program is the opportunity to immerse in the culture and environment of Italian excellence, by directly experiencing realms of excellence in art, culture, design, and fashion.


The course endeavors to serve as a unique opportunity for participants to devote some time to embrace different angles to navigate into not-linear scenarios and organizations through an unconventional learning experience. The program is designed to create a space for individuals to step back from their daily activities, engaging in a process of questioning their own beliefs and developing fresh perspectives through meaningful engagement with distinguished academics, as well as continuous dialogue with their fellow participants.


The program is for a selected pool of top executives from around the world who spent significant time in the role of senior managers, entrepreneurs, or company officers in leading organizations.

The goal is to build a diverse, inclusive, and high-profile learning experience.


Experiential Moments

Experiential opportunities are a pivotal aspect of the program, affording participants the privilege of immersing themselves in domains where Italy has undeniably excelled and made a global impact.

These encompass a spectrum of disciplines, ranging from sports and culture to design and gastronomy. Such immersive experiences include educational sessions with sports champions and renowned chefs, alongside privileged access to iconic venues within the fashion industry and visits to masterpieces of Italian art.

These encounters represent an exclusive privilege reserved solely for program participants.



On the first two days, the course will focus on the following topics:

  • Geopolitical resilience amid a fragmented global order
  • Policy implications of demographic transformations
  • How inflation is flipping the economic script
  • The future of EU in the age of nationalism
  • Climate change economics
  • The role of banking regulation in non-linear markets


For the last three days, the program will focus on:

  • Technological Innovation & Digital transition
  • Machine learning and AI-enhanced strategic decisions
  • Building exceptional customer experience in omnichannel journeys
  • Blending effectiveness and engagement in new organizational environments


  • How to meet the agenda of Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability
  • How sustainability is impacting mobility
Program Location
On-campus training will take place at:
Bocconi School of Management
Via Sarfatti 10, 20136 Milan (Italy)
Admission to the program is highly selective, to guarantee a composition of the class that at the same time maximizes profile consistency and background diversity.

Medical Certificate
To access the activities organized at the sports center, participants must have a non-competitive medical certificate with an ECG. For those who wish to obtain the certificate, a medical service will be organized at the hotel on Sunday evening.

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  • Start Date
    30, June 2024
  • End Date
    05, July 2024
  • Location
    Milan, Italy
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