Innovation in the Workplace: ThinkBuzan Certified iMind Mapping Practitioner



Innovation in the Workplace: ThinkBuzan Certified iMind Mapping Practitioner

The ‘Innovation in the Workplace’ course focuses on changing the way we work through Mind Maps! Here’e why:

Individuals and major corporations now use Mind Mapping worldwide to improve thinking ability, memory & recall, innovation and productivity. This is a Certified ThinkBuzan iMindMap Practitioner Course delivered by an official ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor. The focus of the programme however is application of Mind Mapping and iMindMaps for business.

On completion of the programme, attendees will receive a free copy of the ThinkBuzan iMindMapping software (Home and Student Edition) plus an official certificate, signed by Tony Buzan – creator of Mind Maps and Chris Griffiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan. Additionally you will be certified and registered as Think Buzan iMindMap Practitioners.

*All attendees are required to bring their laptops

Two tools in one all new Brainstorm View*

*Only available in iMindMap 8 Ultimate

iMindMap is the only Mind Mapping software with an inbuilt free-form Brainstorm View, to capture your ideas in an unrestricted space. After seeing so many of our users covering their walls with sticky notes, we decided to give you a digital version that you can save and share with others. Add text and images on our new cork-board canvas, with scalable sticky notes and mini-boards to group ideas.

*All attendees are required to bring their laptops

Benefits of attending

By attending this highly interactive 2-Day course, you will obtain the skills to:

  • Learn the fundamental functions of the mind for creativity and innovation
  • Understand and apply the theory of Mind Mapping as a creative thinking tool
  • Practise Mind Mapping skills and techniques using iMindMap software
  • Develop your innovation and creative thinking ability to solve problems
  • Apply a range of critical thinking tools to a range of business scenarios
  • Become a certified ThinkBuzan iMindMap Practitioner!
  • Receive a free copy of the ThinkBuzan iMind Mapping 8 Ultimate Edition

Who should attend?

Who should attend?

Mind Mapping is applicable across industries and across job functions and is considered a “must- attend” for anyone interested in improving learning & memory, and developing their creativity and innovation.

Your trainer

Meet your expert course trainer: Mr. Keith Usher

Keith Usher

Keith is the Managing Director of Insight Learning Organisation based in Dubai and spends his time providing training and management consultancy in several countries across the Middle East and internationally. He is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Licensed NLP Trainer as well as a ThinkBuzan Mind Mapping Certified Instructor.

Keith has spent his entire career in training and development, joining a financial services company in 1981 as a Business and Training Consultant. In his tenure he has won numerous awards for training design and delivery.

Since 2003 Keith has been providing sales, leadership and management development training solutions to a wide variety of businesses and international based Organisations, including executive coaching to CEO’s and Managing Directors of companies. Keith is frequently called upon as a Speaker at international conferences and conventions and as a consultant to other training Organisations and businesses.

Keith’s strengths lie in his pragmatic approach to the development of senior managers as well as sales people and employees based on more than 20 years of ‘walking the talk’ in increasing profitability for businesses.



“Mind Maps are indispensible in the business world.”
Nicky Oppenheimer, Chairman of deBeers

“Mind Mapping is contagious because it works. It has helped business people clearly perceive what was essential, discriminating it from the noise.”
Masanori Kanda, leading Japanese entrepreneur and marketer

“There can be no clearer or more effective mental tool than Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps.”
Ray Keene, OBE. Correspondent for The Times


ThinkBuzan Training Style

All trainers delivering this course are highly experienced accredited ThinkBuzan facilitators who have been trained personally by Tony Buzan – Creator of Mind Maps, and are with us by reputation and invitation only. We have no ‘beginners’.

The training technique involves theory and practice of Mind Mapping, interactive discussions and group activities, memory and creativity tests and ‘hands on’ practical learning supported by expert facilitation from accredited ThinkBuzan Instructors.

The course will be strengthened by individual exercises and team workshops, in order for participants to embed managerial techniques taught and receive coaching and feedback on their performance.


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