The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Workshop

Lean Six Sigma is a method for transforming organizations and improving their performance that integrates and delivers the best of Lean and Six Sigma. Based on Six Sigma’s DMAIC framework for problem-solving, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) integrates smart problem definition, numerical analysis of data, a rapid (lean) way to produce solutions, and process management to adapt to changing conditions and deliver the best performance continually. Skilled Lean Six Sigma practitioners can attack the Six Diseases of


  • Long lead times to complete a task, deliver a product, generate new ideas.
  • Poor flexibility to respond to changing customer demands.
  • Too many defective products or service errors.
  • Lack of measurement, transparency and management.
  • Excessive cost of operation.
  • Unacceptable operational risk.

The 6 day certification program will cover:

  • Fundamentals of Continuous Improvement
  • Define a project (Define stage)
  • Current process mapping (Measure stage)
  • Measure current performance (Measure stage)
  • Analyze for root causes (Analyze stage)
  • Numerical analysis (Analyze stage)
  • New capability design (Improve stage)
  • Improve -Pilot capability (Improve stage)
  • Control – future metrics (Control stage)
  • Control – sustain the solution (Control stage)
  • Continuous Improvement


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