Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer workshop provides delegates with a complete toolkit to deliver the full potential of a training program (especially technical training) through effective modes of facilitation, discussion and participation. Delegates will learn how to adapt training sessions to suit different learning styles and practice ways of keeping attention by delivering stimulating sessions. It combines robust theoretical work with best-in-class practical exercises and solutions. The objective of the course is for delegates to become confident trainers on technical topics and to be able to leverage a variety of communication, presentation and facilitation techniques to maximize the engagement of their trainees.

This course is designed to enable delegates who might not have had any previous experience as a trainer with the required knowledge and techniques to provide training to their employees. Trainers will apply various facilitation and training skills to develop consistent training methodology within the organization. This course will aim to help delegates to achieve sustainable efficiencies and measurable improvements in the learning & development of their employees.


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