Unlocking the Value of AI​



This fast track course gives you a jargon free exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI tools Chat GPT and Bard, and identifies its potential to transform your Bank / FinTech through process automation, improved business decision making, and time & cost reduction​.

Module 1

  • AI fundamentals: machine learning & its benefits​
  • Identifying your AI business challenges​
  • AI innovation for Banks & FinTechs​
  • Risk mitigation & regulation​
  • Betting on how AI drives value for your organisation

Module 2

  • AI best practice: global use cases​
  • Implementation tips: shortcuts & pitfalls​
  • Planning & execution templates​
  • Your AI project prep, pitch & judging​
  • Project scope, launch & review

There’s a lot of talk about AI theory. Participants will leave this course with the knowledge and skills to apply AI and GPT tech to tackle their business challenges immediately. Our AI expert team will assess the merit of your AI projects and advise on implementation.​

Who should attend

Who should attend

This programme has been designed for a mix or participants from different divisions of your business. Cross-department collaboration is essential to unlocking the full value of AI in your organisation.​

  • Newcomers to internal audit and those with less than 2 years experience.
  • Personnel returning to internal audit after a number of years
  • Established auditors who need practical guidance on the changing role of the function
  • Personnel from other assurance functions

We recommend the following representatives:​

  • C-level execs – to ensure alignment with strategy and serve as AI project sponsors​
  • IT & data specialists – to ensure all existing tech and data sources can be deployed​
  • Human Resources – to realise immense enhancements with Employee Experience​
  • Product & Sales – to make better decisions about product spec and pricing​
  • Procurement & Legal – to drive efficiencies with internal and external contracts​
  • Finance & Budget – to review and manage accurate forecasting and fiscal policy​
  • Marketing & KAM – to optimise campaign efficiency and maximise Customer Lifetime Value​
  • Operations – to identify and enhance process efficiencies​

Learning Journey


Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The course would also suit entrepreneurs looking to leverage AI for their SME​

  • Grasp how AI & GPT transforms the Banking & FinTech sector​
  • ​Identify challenges your organisation faces that could be solved using AI​
  • ​Understand AI principles by looking at best in class use cases​
  • ​Testing out Chat GPT and Bard to answer your questions in real-time Honest ​
  • Assessment of AI limitations and pitfalls to avoid​
  • Prep and pitch your AI project to our team of AI experts​

Delivery Format

Delivery Format

The Sprint Experience​

  • Face-to-Face Workshop (2 days)​
  • Live interaction with participants and experts​
  • Efficient Collaboration​
  • Dynamic team based learning​
  • Face paced, high energy activities​
  • Planning and execution using our templates​

The Accelerator Experience​

  • Intensive online webinar series (4 – 8 weeks)​
  • Rapidly enhance knowledge & practical application​
  • Office Hour Sessions with Experts​
  • Moderated discussion board to share views, case studies & materials​
  • Webinar timing to suit participants working in different time zones​

Meet your Instructors

Rob ThurnerRob Thurner

Digital Consultant, Executive Education Lead, Author​

Rob is a digital strategist, executive ed facilitator and author, specialised digital transformation, digital banking, customer journey mapping, website & user app experience, ecommerce and mobile marketing.​

Rob helps businesses build the digital skills and capabilities their teams need to thrive in the digital age.​


  • Founder & CEO, BurnTheSky | Digital Transformation specialist​
  • Director, ThisPlace | Digital Product Design specialist​
  • Director, London Institute of Banking & Finance​
  • Banks, Telcos, Utilities, Retailers, Auto clients across Europe, Middle East, Africa, APAC​

Exec Ed Facilitator​

  • Emeritus (Columbia Business School, MIT, INSEAD, Cambridge Judge), Google, Squared Online, ISDI​


  • Mobile Best Practice Guide, for Econsultancy​
  • Mobile Marketing Strategy Guide, for Smart Insights​
  • 10 Key Decisions for eCommerce Success, for retail client​

Clark BoydClark Boyd

AI, Data and Marketing Consultant​

Clark is a seasoned digital marketing and branding expert with a decade of experience. He has successfully crafted and executed global strategies for renowned brands like American Express, Adidas, and ASOS.​

Clark transitioned to roles as a tech analyst for publications like ClickZ and Towards Data Science. He’s also an esteemed online instructor for Google Squared Online & Emeritus (Columbia Business School & MIT)​


  • Digital Marketing strategy, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Model Innovation, Agile & Digital Education​

Current Roles

  • CEO & Founder of Novella focusing on transforming learning through AI-powered simulations​
  • Lecturer at Columbia Business School​
  • Visiting Faculty, INSEAD​


Manal Altwairqe“All thanks and appreciation to my colleagues, for their efforts and cooperation in the success of this program Thank you so much RobThurner (Burn the Sky) & Peter Scheer (KPMG) for your great effort & collaboration and great energy during the program It was our pleasure to partner with Emeritus & KPMG . Awesome work you guys are both masters of your craft . Thank you so much”​

- Manal Altwairqe, Director of Learning & Development at EXPRO, Saudi Arabia, Sept 2023​


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