Process Improvement Using AI

While flashy or exotic applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and other related automation approaches, there are a lot of simple AI approaches that operationalize everyday processes making the work easier and more reliable as well as more productive. The best part is it does not take a staff of data scientists to figure out what to use and how to apply the AI solution.

Keeping it simple – pick one technique for now

One of the stumbling blocks in structuring work in an organization is comparing and analyzing processes to see where improvement opportunites are located. Most of the time when consulting firms are called in, they either document the processes or validate existing process documentation and then go through a labor-intensive and expensive effort of manual analysis. Some analysts may use process mining and focus on quantitative factors for the opportunity. However, if you are looking at overlaps, consolidations, or shared work, then AI semantic analytic techiques will help you gain insight in indentifying what to change.

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